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Just who *is* Temurlaine?
First and foremost, my name is Temurlaine An'dryllan. I am a High Elf... er... Blood Elf, and I am a paladin. Wait... no... right... I'm not a paladin anymore. I used to be, but I died. Then I was resurrected as a Death Knight by Arthas. I did horrible, bloody, awful, evil things, but I'm slowly working through it with the help of the Ebon Blade and my sister Nystinadra.
Oh, that's right, I have a sister. She's a High Elf too. She's not a paladin though... she was a ranger... a hunter of sorts, before Arthas killed her too. By luck, we both become Death Knights around the same time... I think. Anyways, we're both out of the Scourge army now. We spent a while trying to clean up the Eastern Plaguelands, but it's hard work.
Recently, we started hearing some concerning things about the Horde the High... er... Blood Elves are supposed to be a part of, so we came to check it out.
There's certainly been no end of changes to the Azeroth we once knew, but that's okay... I'm slowly starting to get to know where everything is, and who it belongs to.
And even though I'm not a paladin anymore, I still get the urge to smite things, so I suppose things can't be all that bad.
Most recently, I've become a junior assistant professor of Arch-ay-ee-oh-low-gee. I have a little brass badge, and always keep my shovel with me.
Which is handy, because it lets me dig up the herbs I need to make paints with.
I only just recently started learning how to make paints. And what to do with them. My mentor tells me that when I start getting good, my paintings will have magical properties that can help people... right now though, I'm still practicing making paper.
Even though I'm not a paladin anymore, I still try and follow my old ways, as best I can anyways. Maybe someday, I'll be lucky enough to find the Light again, and maybe be welcomed back into the fold, so to speak. Mostly, I try and think about the here and now though, and trying to make the world a better place. Sometimes that means smiting things, and at those times, the world seems pretty darn good.

II. Yourself

Previous to this, I was over on Sentinels (an RP server), where I played in two Alliance side guilds: Council of the Drum and Manifest Destiny (both RP guilds). My spouse and I are sometimes erratic players as we have a large and complicated blended family that we are a part of. This means we sometimes don't play for several weeks, and then come back and play solidly for a while before having to go and contend with whatever new event has risen that needs dealing with. In both guilds we were a part of we ended up joining just as membership was declining and so when we went away and came back, half the guild was gone and the RP and OOC channels were mostly dead.
This prompted me to jump servers and I ended up here, and within a week or two my wife followed.
Although I repeatedly find people in trade criticizing the lack of RP on this server, I have in fact found it to be surprisingly active if you just go out and meet people. Although I have several other characters in a separate guild on Silver Hand (Shades of Decay, I don't know what kind of guild they are, but it's not RP Tongue) these characters are simply for the joy of playing a character and enjoying the game for what the game is.
At this time, I have two characters in Ironsong, Temurlaine and Zhenfeng, who is a Pandaren Disc. Priest. Zhenfeng is being leveled as a part of a party of Pandaren made up of my wife, myself and another couple we brought over from Sentinels.
I look forward to playing with you all, and have no other wants or needs from you all than good company, good RP and lots of fun. Smile
Thanks for letting me be a part!
Oh, and I read and agree to the CoC.

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