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Just an idea
Hail Ironsong!

I am Krell, and I am proud to say I am a new member within the Tribe! I just wanted to post a short note/idea of something that I think could be important.

This is mostly because I am new to the Guild, and don't know many of you yet, but I was trying to think of a way we can help each other out.

I for one, am a Leathercrafter/Skinner....and I have chosen the Dragonscale line. I must admit, that I know very little about what is required/needed for other tradeskills as far as materials go.

I was thinking, would anyone else find it helpful to have a "sticky" of a post where we all made a list of things we need, so that others would know what would be helpful?

I know that I loot many items and just automatically sell them to a vendor, but in the back of my mind I wonder if I just sold something that a friend could use to make something. Personally, in 99% of the cases I would rather give an item to a friend than sell it to a vendor. Of course, there's that 1% of the time where I just need a little coin in my pocket...

This could be a list that could be amended frequently as the need arises.

Here goes:

Leatherworking (300) ~ Dragonscale
Skinning (300)
Cooking (300)
First Aid (255ish)

So there are my skills. If I can make some armor, food, bandages, or even scrounge anyone some leather just let me know.

As far as items I am trying to collect.

Almost any Dragonscale Recipe (I will purchase them from you)
Some Wicked Leather Recipes
Some Big Voodoo Recipes

Basically, items I could use are "skinned." I am currently collecting Scorpid Scales, Heavy Scorpid Scales, and ANY Dragon Scales.

If anyone has information on where I might be able to find any of these recipes also, that would be a great help. I believe that some of them are vendored in out of the way places, but I am unsure where.

Currently, I have a limited supply of Chimera Leather, Frostsaber Leather, Warbear Leather, and a couple recipes in my Bank if anyone needs them. (The leather is for Tribal and Elemental Leatherworkers if memory serves me)

I am sure there could be a better format for this idea, but I thought I would get the ball rolling.

Thanks everyone, for your time!

Orc Hunter
Ironsong Tribe
Hey Krell!

I can definitely use the Warbear, Frostsaber, and Chimera leather! As a tribal leatherworker, I'm also always looking for Wicked Claws, Thick Wolfhide, and Devilsaur Leather as well!

As for the scales, I'll getcha what I can!
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