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Junaw's App
1) Name: Junaw
2) Advocation: Tauren Warrior
3) History: I was born in human lands, never knew my birth parents, but my so called foster parents worked me like cattle, making me a literal slave. When i was old enough to walk, and understand what i was and where i was from, i ran away from the farm i was on in Westfall. I was wondering the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale, terrified with no where to go, i was discovered by a Troll hunting party, which lead me to the Grom' Gol Base, from there i took a zeplin to Orgrimmar, and then for my final trip to my homeland, i took a Wyvern to Thunder Bluff, where i was met by my Tauren foster parents. When i was of age, i began my warrior training. I know nothing of my birth parents as i said, however, what drove me to run form the farm was the discovery that i had a brother, not sure if he is still alive or not, but I am searching for him, as i live my life.
4) Proffesions: Skinning and Leather Working
5) Other Clans: this is my first
6) Why Ironsong: (( HIGH RPING!! ))
7) Greatest Trial: Killed Arra'chea
8 ) Goals: (( REACH LVL 60 ))
9) Enjoy Most: Exploring the world
10) Code of Conduct: I have read and Understood the Code, will comply with what is stated

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