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Journey Home
A lone figure rides out of the early morning gloom on the road overlooking the Dark Portal. The figure reigns in the large grey wolf he is riding and sits in the middle of the road starting at the gateway. His honed hunting sense can clearing pick out the signs of the battle waging below, the explosions of magic, the ringing of striking metal, screams of battle, and the smell of smoke and demons.


Grymfang hated demons, with a vengeance he felt for little else in the known world, even the Alliance was spared this kind of vehemence. The demonic corruption had taken from him everything he had ever known and destroyed his home world; it had even threatened to consume his very soul.

But now came a rumor that he might be able to return once again to his home world. There was talk he first heard in Thunder Bluff that the Dark Portal was again open, and that there might be a way to get back to Draenor. And now watching the demons emerge from the dark gate he thought it possible. And every fiber of his being wanted to charge down the demon host and drive them back through and follow them home.

But then again, was he truly free of their corruption? It had been years since he had felt the burning in his heart, the rage coursing through his veins. But maybe it was just dormant, waiting for a chance to once again be activated by the Burning Legion and turn him into one of their mindless slaves. Grymfang wasn’t sure, and this self doubt gnawed at his soul, made him question himself and his actions.

Soon if the portal was indeed opened the Tribe would be venturing forth into these new lands. And Grymfang felt he would be no good to any of them if he didn’t trust himself, he couldn’t face the unknown of his home world if he didn’t trust himself.

But what could he do? How could he find out if the demonic corruption had really been purged from his blood?

Then he had an idea, once long ago he had faced a demon lord, and while the creature had struck him down he knew that now things would be different. Now he was much more powerful and experienced than he was in his youth, and that if he were to face this demon lord then he would know.

He whistled for his constant companion, the red hyena he called Mangle. Together they turned from the Dark Portal and headed for the Swamp of Sorrows, he had a quest now; he would face a demon lord in single combat and find out for sure if he was ready to return home.

To be continued…
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