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Jin'rokh nutshell guide
Jin'rokh nutshell guide

We've seen this one in LFR. This is a pretty straightforward fight, with one phase and one target. The main mechanic involves large void zone "pools" of Conductive Water. Each pool is beneficial at first (through a buff called Fluidity) increasing your damage done and healing received, and also increasing Nature damage taken. After one minute Jin'rokh will electrify it, at which point it will stop providing benefits and will do constant damage to anyone standing in it. The pools will eventually fill the room, so they are a soft enrage mechanic for this fight, which occurs after 7 minutes.

Jin'rokh's abilities

* Thundering Throw: he'll throw the tank at one of four statues after 30 seconds, and every 1.5 minutes thereafter. This will do some damage to the tank and to anyone within 14 yards, and will stun them for 6 seconds. A Conductive Water void zone appears at this location.

* Focused Lightning: he casts this every 15 seconds. It's an orb that fixates on and follows a random raid member -- healers and ranged DPS only -- and moves towards them pretty fast. It can't be attacked.
--> While active, it deals Nature damage to all players within 5 yards
--> When it reaches the player, it blows up and deals Nature damage to all players within 8 yards (this is particularly bad if it hits someone standing in a pool due to the increased Nature damage taken).
--> After it blows up it leaves behind a Lightning Fissure for a really long time that damages players within 5 yards. It is removed if a Conductive Water pool expands to cover it.
--> If the Focused Lighting orb comes into contact with a Lightning Fissure from a previous orb, it will cause an Implosion. The orb is detonated and deals a lot of Nature damage to all raid members, and increases the damage taken from subsequent Implosions by 10%.
--> If the Focused Lighting orb reaches its target player inside an Electrified pool, then everyone within 8 yards will basically be killed with a huge amount of Nature damage.

* Static Burst: Regular attack. Causes entire raid to take a moderate amount of Nature damage, and ALSO applies 10 stacks of Static Wound to the current tank, which causes the tank to Nature damage at each melee attack. About 1/3 of this damage is also dealt to the raid. The stack starts with 10 stacks and these decay over time. Tanks must switch immediately to let their stacks expire (or almost expire).

* Lighting Storm: cast every 90 seconds, Jin'rokh uses this ability to electrify the pools. It deals moderate Nature damage to the entire raid.


* Tanks alternate tanking Jin'rkch so that whoever is affected by Static Wound is not currently taking melee hits from the boss. So as soon as one tank gets Static Wound the other should taunt. The stacks will decrease over time, and it's okay to taunt if you have 1-2 stacks left if the other tank gets hit with a new set of 10.
* Thundering Throw will reset threat. The other tank must therefore taunt immediately.
--> to manage taunting for both Thundering Throw AND Static Wound, the tank with Static Wound should taunt the boss about 3 seconds before Thundering Throw (the timer will tell you). That way the tank with the Static Wound stack will get thrown, and the other tank, without Static Wound, will taunt him back after the throw. The one melee hit that happens to the Static Wound tank won't wipe the raid.

* All DPS and healers stand in the Conductive Water pools until Lighting Storm. Get in quick to maximize DPS (but see below about Lighting Fissures). He has a HUGE hit box.
* Stack in the center of the room whenever he casts Lighting Storm. Use raid cooldowns to survive.
* Ranged DPS and healers should stand near the outer edges of the pool, and be prepared to RUN OUT at any time in case they are targeted by the Focused Lighting orb.

Handling Focused Lighting:
* Players targeted by the Focused Lighting orb should kite it to a designated location, out of the way of any pools. This will be at the edge of the room close to the outer wall (in which case they'll be out of the way), or in the spot of a future pool spawn point (in which case they will blow up when the pool spawns, dealing a lot of damage to anyone inside the pool -- so we must wait to enter the pool until it's gone).
* If you are focused, make sure that (1) the orb doesn't reach you when you're in a pool (regular or electrified), or (2) come into contact with a Lighting Fissure.

Maximizing DPS:
* Use your personal cooldowns in the pools. Don't use them at the pull.
* We'll use Bloodlust in the first pool.

Difficulties of this fight:
* Handling Focused Lightning. To master this quickly, ranged DPS and healers should focus on reacting promptly to being targeted by the Focused Lighting orb, and making sure it is detonated in a safe spot.
* Putting out enough DPS. Use the pools, use cooldowns.

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