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Jewelcrafting for the Tribe
Cordeiris is only 8 points away from 450 Jewelcrafting. In case you didn't know already, JCing works like cooking in Northrend- you need to do dailies to get tokens to turn in for designs and while the quests are very simple and quick, you can only get one token per day.

Because of this, rather than buy what I think people might need, I figured I'd just ask. Below is a list of all the meta gems that can be bought in Dalaran. Those along with the Metas he already learned from the trainer ,as well as the two necklaces and three rings listed are the only things guaranteed to give him points.

I'm still happy to make anything people might need. If it takes an uncommon gem and I have it in my bags, please don't think you need to pay or trade for it. If it takes a rare gem, it's great if you have it, but chances are I have a couple sitting in there too if you don't. (Though tossing me a few uncommon gems or some raw ore later would be appreciated so I can keep up the supply for anyone who needs)

If you want a Meta gem it's easiest if you have it already made, as I don't have an alchemist high enough to do that for me.

Unfortunately, for the epic necklaces or rings I will need you to provide all the mats. Each of these items take 4 Dragon's Eyes. Each of those costs one JCing token. With buying designs right now, I might not have enough to buy them for you right away as each of the ones listed below costs 5 or 6 tokens. So you can check the AH or make sure to ask for them at least a week before you need them. As for compensation, again, if you can donate some extra mats so that I can maybe help the next person along that would be awesome.

The ones he already knows are listed on the Rare Tradeskills List.

So, here's the list. (Also, I would be happy to have him pick up any other design that you might want, even pre- WoTLK, that he doesn't already have. If you don't see me on, just send me an in game mail or post your requests here.) Thanks! Big Grin

(Just so we're clear, these are the designs Cord does not yet have, but will give him a point)

[item]Design: Chaotic Skyflare Diamond[/item]
[item]Design: Effulgent Skyflare Diamond[/item]
[item]Design: Ember Skyflare Diamond[/item]
[item]Design: Revitalizing Skyflare Diamond[/item]
[item]Design: Insightful Earthsiege Diamond[/item]
[item]Design: Invigorating Earthsiege Diamond[/item]
[item]Design: Relentless Earthsiege Diamond[/item]
[item]Design: Trenchant Earthsiege Diamond[/item]
[item]Design: Titanium Impact Band[/item]
[item]Design: Titanium Earthguard Ring[/item]
[item]Design: Titanium Spellshock Ring[/item]
[item]Design: Titanium Impact Choker[/item]

Hoping to be of service,

P.S. I'll take items off the above list as Cord learns them and add them to the mass tradeskill list.
Just a heads up that the next design I plan to buy is going to be the [item]Titanium Earthguard Ring[/item]. Due to my token shortage I will have it by Thursday (1/08/09).

But there is already a queue starting up for these items. So the next items will be going to Kosath and Daichallar, who have been patiently waiting for some upgrades. Smile

This will all get much faster once I no longer need to buy so many designs.

Cordeiris is no longer active, so I have removed his Jewelcrafting list from the guild's tradeskill record. For archival purposes, I am placing Cordeiris' Jewelcrafting list here.

For an updated record of what gems and jewelcrafting items Tribe jewelcrafters can make, consult the Rare Tradeskill Recipe List.

Meta Gems
Rare Gems
From Drops
[item]Defenders Twilight Opal[/item] - Cordeiris
[item]Fractured Scarlet Ruby[/item] - Cordeiris
[item]Deadly Monarch Topaz[/item] - Cordeiris
[item]Fierce Monarch Topaz[/item] - Cordeiris
[item]Thick Autumn's Glow[/item] - Cordeiris
From Vendor
[item]Solid Sky Sapphire[/item] - Cordeiris
[item]Ring of Earthen might[/item] - Cordeiris
[item]Ring of Northern Tears[/item] - Cordeiris
[item]Ring of Scarlet Shadows[/item] - Cordeiris
[item]Titanium Earthguard Chain[/item] - Cordeiris
[item]Titanium Spellshock Necklace[/item] - Cordeiris

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