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The Horde and Alliance have seemed to have held a grudge between one another. But a Troll and a Night Elf loved each other dispite their racial differences. Not agreeing with what their elders apose, they run away to live on their own near a small settlement called ratchet. but neithe the horde or alliance had approved of their actions so they bombarded their home with warriors and took each other away never to see each other agean. Only five months has passed sence then and a child was born. the Night Elf mother named him jadyn.

As i sit near the fire in the safness of my own home i hear a scream from outside. I knew that scream it was my mothers. I ran quickely outside find that a demon more feirce than anything i have ever seen was gripping my mother at her waist. I ran taward it but with the swift flick of his wrist i was sent flying. the last sight of my mother was in pain and agony.

Without hessatation i swiftly mounted my mothers dear frostsabre and rode the the darkspear tribe where my father was. once i arrived i wasnt warmly welcome. i was imprissoned until my father arrived from the battle his people had been fighting for years. my father wasnt at all happy to see me. but anyway i told him the story of the demon and my mother. he was shocked to hear such tragity.

After a few years passed my father died in the battle forcing us darkspear tribe to ask aid of the orcs. not that i am ungratfull. but untill the ironsong i was a burden to most. but knowing that i have a home with the ironsong i will allways search for the demon that took my mother away and i will slay it.

dont forget to see the second part ((the truth)) comming soon *wink*

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