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Jadefire Masters
We've seen this fight on normal -- we fight two bosses, a monk and a mage, who do not share a health pool.

The monk MUST be kept at lower HP percentage than the mage or she will cast Harmonious Spirits, which gives her a damage buff (proportional to the amount of health she has over the mage).  So DPS should focus the Monk and cleave the Mage.

Monk's Abilities

Anti-Tank attack:  The tanks need to deal with the Multi-Sided Strike, which teleports the tank into the sky and surrounds the tank with images, who will attack the tank.  Facing the images will prevent damage.  So make a note of the order the images spawn in, and face them in that order.  They'll pulse a bit of light just before they fly toward you, which helps you see which way to face.

Once the tank lands, you'll receive a 60 second damage-taken debuff.  At this point the other tank needs to taunt the monk and hold it until the debuff expires.

The monk will also rush to a random spot in the room and cast Whirling Jade Storm, which does raid-wide ticking damage.  A melee hit will interrupt the cast.

On heroic, the monk will occasionally spawn a Spirit of Xuen add, which will fixate a random player.  It will frequently leap at the player, dealing damage to anyone nearby.

--> Kite the add.  The raid should switch to it and kill it.  Most forms of CC work.

Mage's abilities

Anti-Tank attack:  The Mage does not melee, it just spam-casts Fireball at the tank.  This applies a 15 second DoT each time the tank is hit.  When the debuff does expire, it will explode, dealing raid-wide damage which scales with the #stacks.  

--> Tanks should taunt off each other each after about 5-7 stacks of Fireball to keep the damage reasonable.

The mage will occasionally teleport to a random spot in the room and cast a damage absorption shield (Fire Shield) and then cast Pyroblast at somebody.  This is a long, interruptible cast that does high damage and a DoT to one player.

--> The raid needs to DPS the mage to remove the shield then interrupt the cast.

For the healers, the mage will apply Searing Embers to random raid members.  This is a magic debuff that does ticking damage and explodes when it expires.  These debuffs will all have different durations, so dispel the shortest ones first.

--> Dispel Searing Embers.

On heroic, the mage will spawn some Magma Traps in random areas of the room, which look like orange circles.  They persist through the entire fight.  Running into one of these causes it to explode, dealing damage and knocking the player high in the air -- high enough that the fall damage will kill them unless they mitigate it in some way.

-->  Clear these with rogues or hunters using cloak or turtle.  They can run through several at once and won't be knocked into the air.  Mages, Locks and Monks can TP back down after taking the hit, using blinks, charges, leaps or disengage style abilities to stop the fall damage.

If you do survive a trap, you'll get a permanent debuff that increases the damage you take from subsequent traps. With one stack, you can still just barely take a trap at full health if you mitigate the fall damage completely.  Two stacks will probably kill you though.  This means that dealing with the traps needs to spread between many players.

Through the fight the bosses gain energy in a way that is tied to their current health percentages.  The quicker the bosses are damaged, the quicker they gain energy.  At certain energy thresholds, they will cast a powerful ability.

30 energy:  Two living bombs appear.  These bombs constantly cast Explosion, dealing damage to the entire raid.  They will also rotate while shooting out a frontal beam which does high damage.  The bombs are surrounded by smoke which does damage and prevents LoS.

--> The raid should stack on a single bomb and nuke it down, while standing outside the smoke so healers can target them to remove debuffs.

--> Once one bomb is dead, do the same with the second one.

(Note:  The Spirit of Xuen add has priority over the bombs)

60 energy:  The bosses will teleport the raid to one side of the room and they'll teleport to the other.  Players will need to navigate a maze made of green rings of peace and fire swirls.  At the end they need to break the barrier, then the fight resumes.

--> The Rings of Peace can be bypassed with a LOT of class abilities:  blink, double jump, leaps, teleports, warlock gateways.

On heroic, only one of the pieces of the barrier will be attackable, which slows the raid down as we can't cleave.  There is no time limit, however, so this is okay.

--> Players can pick up Force Orbs on their way through the maze.  These slow the player by 30% but can be used on inactive parts of the barrier to make them attackable.  Not mandatory.

100 energy:  Bosses transform into a serpent and a phoenix.  This removes the mage's pyroblast and the monk's whirling jade storm.

The mage will now apply the fireball with its melee attacks and will deal passive ticking damage to the raid.

The monk will cast a breath which leaves a bunch of fire on the ground.  Sidestep this.

Once they transform, kill the monk as soon as possible.  Use second pots and DPS cooldowns.  Very important, as the monk will be hitting multiple people into the air instead of just the tank.  Everyone needs to face the images in the order that they spawned in.

May want to use bloodlust here.

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