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Jabulji needs a personality.
As of right now, I don't RP much outside of Guildchat. I always use the best spelling I can (when appropriate) and use the correct punctuation when I'm typing in Jab's slight accent (like y'know, and S'okay.) But it occured to me the other day that, when RPing, I really don't know what Jabby would say.

This is very frustrating. I don't want Jab to be Derek. I've had *lots* of fun RPing certain alts, but those of you who've been with Ironsong for a long time know just how long it took me to level a character, and I'm not about to start over. (I've had this character since January and he just hit sixty 2 Fridays ago.)

This being the first game I've RP'd in, I don't have much experience. I figured I'd come to the most well-respected RP guild on the server, of which I'm very, very proud to be a part of. But I could use advice on it right now.

As for my backstory, (The thread got deleted, it appears. I made a "Post your childhood/backround here! Thread, and it no longer exists. Anyway, here's the edited version:

I never knew my actual parents, but that doesn't matter to me, because I never felt the need to find them. I grew up with orcs in the concentration camps set up by humans, and the those I grew up with are the only family I need. They were the ones that taught me to talk like an orc. I lack the awkward accent many trolls have.

Of course, being raised among orcs I was taught to fight with honor and fury in Orcish tradition. We had to do it at night to avoid attention from the guards. Over time, after many mock battles and grueling excersize, I grew tall and lean, and developed the muscular build I have today.

The time came when it was time to break out. Thrall and his troops burst through the wooden palisade walls. He properly armed us, and under him, serving as a grunt, I became the warrior I am today.

There's my general backstory. I'd greatly appriciate all of your help, and look forward to your replies!
I like your story Jabu. How that transfers into his personality are the spaces in between that. Like why doesn't he have a desire to get to know his real parents? If it's because he felt like certain orcs replaced those people in his life then that's bound to have an effect on what he tries to present himself as. Instead of the craftiness that comes natural from trolls he's more blunt and aggressive. He tries not to sound like a troll so he says things like Dabu and Throm'ka! Strength and Honor! Sometimes it's not what people say but how they say it that brings out their personality and makes them more individual. Just think of Jabu as a character in a movie and have fun with him. Use /emotes! And don't be afraid to experiment with different types of personalities until you find one that is precisely what you want. He will eventually become what you want if you just keep working at it. Hope that helps a bit.
Make him a lascivious jerkface! Wooo!
(( What Rawne said sums it up very well Smile ...it's like acting, except the 'stage' is abit different Wink ))
I really appriciate all of your help (Urlacher, although I won't take your advice, but thanks for the laugh Smile ) I'll try to RP more, and actually RP- not just use correct punctuation, etc, though if I was dictator, everyone would be doing that anyway.

But if anyone still has suggestions, the door is still open.

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