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JCer wanted :)
so I picked up this lovely dawnstone for cheap in the Ah today and I was wondering if there was anybody outthere who could cut a great or gleaming dawnstone
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Hopefully someone will come up with a way for me to maintain it, soon.

To answer your question, though, Shantow and Bendon can both do it.
That thread didn't really answer my question of who exactly to send it to/who was active, it just gave me rares Smile. Plus I wanted to leave it open to someone who could perhaps take advantage of an opprotunity to get their skill up (clletus only knows I'd jump on someone who had mats for the enchanting things so I could get mine up)
I am pretty sure the jewel crafters that we have in IST (Lvl 70) are topped off in terms of skill. I would suggest Sending them to Shantow (aka Krell). He can cut the types of gems you need. Hes the top JC'er around in my opinion.
Bendon (me) can cut nearly everything, and I'm around on him all the time. Feel free to mail any gems to him to be cut. Only rares I'm missing are +8 str and +8 spi, iirc.

Shantow's a noob, and his worksmanship is clearly inferior. And seriously, do you want some freakish half-owl thing handling your precious gems? Hooooo knows what he's going to do with them, line his nest or something?
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Dromand (70 Tank/Healing Paladin), Logros (70 Enhancement Shaman), Denul (70 Shadow Priest), Bendon (70 AH-Mule Rogue)

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