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Scene: large area with low inhabitance.

Narrator 1:The chief warden of the internment camps, Aedelas Blackmoore, watched over the captive orcs from his prison-stronghold, Durnholde. One orc in particular had always held his interest the orphaned infant he had found nearly eighteen years before. Blackmoore had raised the young orc as a favored slave and named him Thrall. Blackmoore taught the orc about tactics, philosophy, and combat. Thrall was even trained as a gladiator. All the while, the corrupt warden sought to mold the orc into a weapon.

Narrator 2Confusedetting aside his harsh childhood, Thrall grew into a strong, intelligent orc, and he knew that a slave's life was not for him. The resourceful young Thrall decided to escape from Blackmoore's fortress and set off to find others of his kind.

Narrator 1:for amusement the humans would make the humans fight animals and each other. Thrall one day was in a battle with a fierce raptor. Without a scratch thrall defeated the beast.

Aedelas Blackmoore: bravo thrall, bravo

Thrall: can I please stop fighting now. Have I not proven to you my abilities?

Aedelas Blackmoore: you proved to me you abilities long ago.

Thrall: than why do you have me fight.

Aedelas Blackmoore: you think I make you fight because I want to know your abilities? That isn’t even close I have you fight for mer entertainment.

Thrall walks away as Aedelas smirks

Scene: small area

Thrall: Lok’Tar friends

Orc friend Rem’tok: Lok’Tar thrall

Orc friend Laen: Lok’Tar

Orc friend Rem’tok: are you all right

Thrall: yes

Orc friend Leana: good

Thrall: that man is evil

Orc friend Rem’tok: yea I know

Thrall: no I mean he makes us fight for nothing but entertainment for that the gods will not forgive him.

Orc friend Rem’tok: that is unbelievable for his own entertainment

Orc friend Leana: I agree he is an evil man

Thrall: our kind should not be treated like this we should not be exploited with our abilities and our weaknesses. There is no doubt that we can be killed out there. It has been my dream to live a peaceful life without the humans that is why I want to escape.

Orc friend leana: what that is crazy you will get caught

Thrall: just watch me

Orc friend rem’tok: but what will happen if you escape

Thrall will seek out the frostwolf clan that I have heard of and help them free our people.

Orc friend leana: let us come with you thrall we will be of great assistance

Orc friend rem’tok: ahh yes thrall if you let us come we will help you seek the frostwolf clan

Thrall: no I must go alone. This is my mission, my life to live; I do not want to get you two my dearest friends to be killed

Orc friend leana: all right thrall if you want to go alone we will let you but don’t forget us

Orc friend rem’tok: yes thrall we hope your journeys as you say will help our people live in peace.

Orc friend leana: goodbye thrall

Scene: gate with the two guards walking balk in forward two days later

Run across when the two guards face out and get to a safe hidden area like a bush or behind a tree

Narrator 2: as part 1 of the play Thrall comes to an end part two will be just around the corner.

Tryouts on Monday the 30th at 6:30 p.m.
hello everyone i have posponed the play tryouts to friday the 3rd and the play will be held on thursday the 16th
Sounds good Jadyn ! I will print this out so I gots the lines! ((Nice bio by the way = ) ))

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