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My name is Shu Ironwok, a pandaren from the Wandering Isles. I was raised to be a monk of the Shang Xi tradition and disciple of the Red Crane martial style.

Key to understanding the Shang Xi tradition is to realize the true nature of suffering. This is not just expressions of physical pain; it is also the stress of coping with change, or the failure of something to meet expectations. All suffering stems from our own desires. By severing their craving for earthly attachments, the elders of our order cultivate the true self.

This is where I diverged from their teachings. How can these elders truly claim to contemplate their freedom from want if they have never fully experienced the world beyond our monastery walls? Wisdom may be found in rigid asceticism, but it is meaningless without the understanding of what earthly experience is being sacrificed.

Rarely is one cast out from the academy, nor I claim such a distinction for myself. In their concern for the discontent my ideas had among the other students, the abbots calmly suggested that I continue my search for enlightenment elsewhere. I respectfully obliged them. Fortuitously, this event is what ultimately precipitated my arrival in your lands.

If the sutras truly teach us anything, it is that we are not diminished by our separation from the material world. To illustrate this point, I experience this world fully without the use of my eyes. Rather than a frailty, my lack of sight is a welcome example that we are all truly limitless once we remove our finite perceptions of the self.


I was part of Wartorn (Wartorn 2.0? After the Not Steamboat crew left for Oceanic servers) for about four years and raided heavily during TBC and most of Wrath. I stopped playing just before they folded as I was no longer interested in raiding heavily or in the guild’s toxic atmosphere. I returned to the game in March of this year as I still had one or two RL friends who played here.

Is it sad to say I'm looking for ‘warm bodies?’ I’ve most recently been in a guild where I’m frequently the only person online. I’m fairly casual these days but I would like to be in a guild where there are more active players.

I've played WoW since retail. I took Cataclysm off in order to finish my degree.

I tend to play evenings, mostly. I’m on CDT (and this could change at the drop of a hat; I’m interviewing all across the US and Middle East) but I tend to stay up late regardless.

I haven’t played in a serious RP-heavy guild in a very long time. I’m interested in getting into it again, but it may take me a bit to find my footing. If I appear quiet at first, it’s only because I prefer to get a sense of the guild’s dynamics before jumping in fully.

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