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New official chat channel! IronsongLFG! (/join IronsongLFG)

I was thinking that with the steadily declining Horde population on the server, it's starting to get a bit difficult at times to get a group together. When you do, you may have a less-than-decent experience due to one or more group members being... not very group-friendly.
Well, it's time to do something about it!

My idea is to start using IronsongLFG for seeking out groups. Any time you have a good experience with a group, invite them to join IronsongLFG. Not only that, but you can invite your friends to it as well! Don't forget to mention to them that if they have a good experience with a group, they can feel free to invite those players too. My theory is that, over time, with the spreading word and 'user base' of good players, we'll have a good pool to poll when we're seeking or forming a group.

Keep in mind there is no level requirement, either. If you have a good experience with a Shadowfang Keep group, feel free to invite them to join the channel and spread the word of it (to other players that they've had good group experience with, of course).

It is imperative to remember that the user base of the channel will initially be small. That's why it will be so important to invite people to join the channel!

Feel free to post here with comments and suggestions.
Some guidelines:
  • Please note that, while non-guilded folks may be invited into the channel, it -is- still an Ironsong channel. Keeping this in mind, inappropriate language should be kept to a minimum. If something can't be said in a public channel, please keep it out of this one.[/*]
  • On a similar note, please respect the decision of any Ironsong officer as far as the discussion is concerned. If one requests to cease conversation of a particular topic, please do so.[/*]
I think this is a great idea. I actually mentioned to a few IST folks that I'd be interested in running stuff with you guys if you needed an extra tank, so I'm available for anything. I will certainly join the channel, but if you guys need me for something specific just hit me up ingame. I look forward to running some stuff with you.

Kretol, thanks for the info about this on our site! It's nice to know that we can use a channel to help find other folks to jump into some instances with!

Just a 'bump,' so to speak! Now's a good time to rejoin the channel if you aren't already in it!

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