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Ironsong's prisoner no more.
She came in at night...just shortly after Brewfest ended. Curse them all for keeping me here during that event. If it wasn't for that Satomi person, I might never had tasted any of that sweet brew...

Where was I? Of course...my sister came to me. Cairne's guards had watchful eyes, but even they didn't know that she was my sister...of course with what has happened to my appearance lately, you'd never even guess I was a Grimtotem by birth. My hair's color continues to fade...but it's not the color, or my hair I'm concerned about...it's the accursed green runes that are still on my body...proof that I am still connected to that pact my twisted, departed mother made with the Burning Legion. Sivaras came closer to me and whispered in my ear:

You are freed.

I almost wanted to jump up immediately..but I knew the second that I did, Cairne's guards would stop me. Not to mention that I wasn't nearly at full strength having been kept here for months under close watch. Somehow, Sivaras had managed to dispel Valtrinity's ward. I watched her as she produced several strange herbs. The first few she gave to me, the rest she set aside. She came closer again and whispered:

Those that I have given you, you must eat. They will make you immune to the toxins that these will release once they are burned in here. The guards and Cairne will inhale them without realizing it. It won't harm them, but it will make them weary and weakened. You will not have any trouble escaping.

Those questions I had in my head that I had asked Lurie weeks ago when he came to me seemed to almost surface immediately. Would I find those answers if I escaped? I did have one question for my sister though:

Why did you come back to me, Sivaras? After everything that I have done to you?

Sivaras began to casually drop her herbs into the nearby brazier. The guards didn't seem to notice. Quickly, I placed the ones she had given me into my mouth as I waited for her to respond.

You are my blood sister...you can not go on by yourself any more than I can. We're cursed creatures...both of us. Cursed by something neither of us wanted, or asked for. And no one cares about what our fate will be.

I thought about what she said before responding myself.

Are you trying to tell me that my Tribe does not care about me?

Sivaras cut a sharp glance in my direction as she finished burning the last of her herbs.

Ironsong doesn't care about you, my sister. Do you even know how long you have been incarcerated here? Why they even put you here? They probably don't even know you're still here. Ironsong did not put you here because they care about you. They left you here because they're AFRAID of you! They left you here to ROT!!

Again, I thought about this. I really didn't have any of those answers. And prior to Lurie showing up weeks ago...nobody had paid any visit to me as far as I could remember...and even after I had asked Lurie if someone would....no one still came. Only that Satomi person showed up twice...someone I didn't know and not connected to the Tribe. Someone.....that I foolishly believed when she told me Ironsong wanted to help me.

Then what will we do, sister? We are cursed creatures, as you say. What can we do?

The smoke was beginning to rise and fill the room. The toxin was potent indeed...already I could begin to see the effects on the guards, their eyes beginning to become heavy. Sivaras spoke again.

No one will save us, sister. We must find a way to save ourselves.

I wasn't going to find the answers I was looking for by remaining here...as Ironsong's forgotten prisoner, curse the lot of them. Had I still been wearing their colors at the time, I would've torned them from my chest.

And what if we succumb to these fel powers, my sister? What if I am driven insane once again? Or the other way around perhaps?

Sivaras rose and began to turn to leave as the smoke continued to rise.

Pray it never comes to that, sister. Otherwise...the world will just have to kill us....

She left after she spoke. The guards were becoming visibly weary, some were even having trouble standing up. Soon, I would leave this place, a fugitive once more. Ironsong will probably come after me and my sister once they learn of this...it is probably best they stay out of our way. I'm not fighting for them anymore. I'm fighting for the survival of my sister and I. We will end this curse ourselves with no one's help. Pray....pray you all never cross my path again.

One last question, however, still remains in my head. It is the question that lingers the most. The question that I asked Lurie that he refused to answer:

What does the Lich King have to do with my mother?

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