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Ironsong Scavenger Hunt!
*** CONGRATULATIONS to Mula on winning the Ironsong Scavenger Hunt! The contest is now closed. On April 8th Mula was joined by a little Pandaren Monk companion who had heard of her many travels around the world, and wanted to join her in her adventures. Congratulations, Mula! ***

Ironsong Scavenger Hunt

I have put together a Scavenger Hunt! In this thread you will find fifteen screenshots. Your job will be to travel the lands of Azeroth, Outland, and Northrend in search of the places where these screenshots were taken, and to take a screenshot of your character standing in the shot, matching the original's angle as closely as possible.

Upload a complete set of screenshots of yourself in each of the locations below.

The competition will last two weeks. It will be over on April 8.

Three prizes will be awarded, for:
(1) Speed. For the first person to upload a complete set of screenshots
(2) Artistry. For the most beautiful collection of images (wardrobe, lighting, mood, weather, get creative!)
(3) Humor. For the silliest collection of images! Make me laugh! (can also include captions)

Prizes will be handed out after the moot on April 8, at 7 p.m.

1) All screenshots must contain your character in the screenshot
2) No other player characters are allowed in the screenshot
3) All screenshots must be clean, meaning no UI (hit option-Z or alt-Z to hide the UI, take the screenshot, then hit option-Z or alt-Z again to get your UI back) because the minimap would give away the zone the other players
4) Each shot must be posted as found in your screenshot folder (no editing)
5) Screenshots must be submitted to this thread in the "Exciting Events" forum
6) Any additions posted after April 8 will not be considered.

Additional information
1) Flying mounts are needed to access some locations.
2) Friends of Ironsong are welcome to participate

Have fun!

Thank you! Thank you! I had a blast visiting some of the old stomping grounds...that is, until I hit Azshara--too much swimming. Mr. Monk has been a great companion. (He's got this bad habit of trying to beat up everyone he meets, but he makes up for it with his cooking!)

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