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Ironsong Raiding fund
Does Ironsong have plans for a raiding fund?
I'm interested because several of the Priests, Mages, Druids and an occasional Shaman, have pointed out to me that Raiding is pretty hard on the reagents. Then it dawned on me. Those things cost gold! A good example was the Zul'Gurub raid the other night were we wiped serveral times and Saltin and I went through 1 and a 1/2 stacks of Arcane powder. I don't really have a problem with this because I've got somewhere around 700 gold on Waltimus. My fear is that others may not have that and it could really hurt their budget. So I'm just curios.
My idea was to contribute to the fund. The best part of the game is farming stuff (reagents for Potions and the like) and it would not be that hard to drop 2 or 3 gold on the farming day into the guild coffers.

Let me know your thoughts,

I would agree, Waltimus. What about selling the unused items from raids to fund the needed reagents for raids? This is what was done in my EQ guild and it greatly helped.
We did the selling thing and it worked well. In a similar fashion we also asked everyone going to the raid to bring a few of the "standard" reagents and had one person in the raid collect them all and distribute to the specific raid members.
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Just my 2 coppers.

I believe there is a cost for everyone that goes to a raid. Most casters have to pay for reagents, but warriors have to pay huge repair bills at the end of the night. I am pretty sure the vendor trash loot is meant to mitigate these costs. At the end of the night if someone needs some loot to offset there raiding costs they should speak up and I'm sure either the DE'er could hook em up, or Shillatae will probably have something as the ML. But if a raid fund would be easier somehow, than I have no problem with it, I just think it should be funded by the vendor loot during the raid, not by the guild itself. I really hate taxes that effect people who do not get the benefits, and I think that we should avoid people paying for other peoples enjoyment.
(( Actually, I was going to say the same thing that Daichallar said... Each class has their own expenses...-unfortunately- there are a select few who spend more than others, simply due to the number of their class that attends.. ie: Fleethoof is always buffing all four groups, where as the Priests generally only have one 'wildcard' group to buff.

However, even if I were the only priest with the group spell and had to buff all four groups, I would still be inclined to say that every single person on the raid has expenses. Arrows, throwing weapons, poisons, repairs, components, etc.

If you need help with components or repairs, please speak up... I don't think -anyone- in the raid group would mind helping out...but making it mandatory would be another step towards that 'taxing' that Dai was talking about. ...just my 2 or 3 cp. ))
Also, we've gotten much better about this, but make sure you do not loot coin while people are dead, most importantly on Boss fights. In ZG the devs put a lot of gold on the Bosses to help offset these costs but those killed need it the most and get none if you loot before they are ressed.

I wouldn't have any problem with using the greens that are unwanted for expenses, but I can't take responsibility for managing that; I have enough on my plate already co-leading and MLing. If someone wants to volunteer to do it whenever they are with us that would be good; it would only be on Friday raids however as I don't want to complicate our joint raid with the Rottens.
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I have to say again, every class does have costs. Even since the patch, warrior repair bills are higher then everyone elses (mine was over 4.2 last night), hunters blow through ammo and pet food like mad, etc. In addition, some people have had to spend fortunes to get certain gear/potions just to be able to help more. When we were preparing for ZG I had almost no tanking armor, but another tank was needed. I spent around 750g on tanking gear which I had to spend a ton of hours farming for, and would still be spending more if a few people hadn't helped me out with it. Sure, there's big costs on reagents but over the course, it generally evens out. Maybe give a green to to the people who use the most reagents/die the most just to offset a few costs, but I don't think taxing isn't the answer.
Basically, folks, give me a tell privately if you have a cost concern of your own and I will discretely see that it is met. I will also proactively give away greens to people I feel need it as I know many will not step forward and speak up on it. Mostly if you aren't getting lucky on loot victories, since in a roundabout way the costs of raiding "pays" for the nice drops.

We try to look after our own, be smart and if you need something talk to me. Seriously. Walt is right; some of us are not used to raiding -- I have never done it in any MMO before and before we grew to this size I would spend many hours on potion making alone. Now that task is very diffused and I have a supply of potions for those who forget/run out during the runs or just plain old need them! Thanks to you all for helping!

Just an example.
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
And this is the reason I don't ask / expect anything at the end of the raid. I know there are people who's costs are bordering on the phenominal in these things. My repair costs are typically met by whatever coin is picked up on the raid itself. In blatant honesty, the only thing that raiding really costs me is time since soulshards are easy to come by if I hit my Drain Soul button at the last few seconds of a mobs life.

I suppose I'll just have to go out and start hunting herbs then selling them at the Auction House. I don't even really use alchemy any more (sometimes I wonder why I picked up the skill), but I know that the base components sell fairly well. And that could help Shillatae supply people for raids in the future.

(I just hate farming in any form ~shrugs~)
I, for one, do not spend a whole lot on ZG runs. As a rogue, my only cost concerns are flash powder (25c each) and poisons (3s each but bosses only) plus repairs, which generally aren't much (leather). I'd be happy to contribute to anyone who needs it, or just to a general fund.
Thanks for the input people!
The feedback on this was really good and much was learned.

One thing I might add to it, as an example:
My EQ guild "The War Council" had what we called a "dot" fund.
Every drop that was from that nights raid, that nobody wanted or could use, was put up for sale and the money went to the dot fund (Priests needed to buff the raid, rezz people, etc etc, and the reagent was a peridot - known as a dot)
In any case, the guild made somewhere around 4 million gold after a period of about a year. At the end of the year, the money was divided equally among all the guild members. It turns out that my share was around 500,000 gold at the end of the year as we had about 80 active members.

something to think about.


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