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Ironsong Raiders Community

As of patch 8.0, we now have communities! These are groups of players that can communicate cross-realm and do not have to be in the same guild or anything! As long as they are the same faction, you can invite just about anyone (think of it as a cross-realm guild chat). I have created an Ironsong Raiders Community for our raiding group. So far, myself, Dentik/Fasar, Krell and Anca are Leaders who can invite. I also have the "Owner" title but I plan to hand this over to Zlinka once we're in full-swing with raiding and groups again.

This is great for us because we have so many non-guild friends who enjoy raiding with us and now we can chat with all in one place. The amount of Leaders will grow too but I suspect this will work like our Officer roles in IST. Hope to see everyone again soon. Smile

~ Meli
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Very excited about this new feature!  Thanks, Mel, for setting up the Ironsong Raiders Community!


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