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Ironsong Defender's Medal system
As you enter the guild hall, you see a fresh piece of parchment attached to the totem. It is written in Melikar's familiar hand-writing...

Every day is a fight for the Horde. Many of us put much work into defending our land and our homes. I have decided it is time to start awarding that within our tribe. The more you fight, the more likely you are to get the recognition you deserve. If you so wish to be recognized for your efforts, let me know and I will act accordingly.

The following are the Medals I will begin offering and what they are awarded for. Remember, it takes hard work, dedication and patience to be a true veteran of the field:

[center]Honorable Kill Medals

Scout's Medal - Awarded for 100 Honorable Kills
Grunt's Medal - Awarded for 500 Honorable Kills
Sergeant's Medal - Awarded for 1,000 Honorable Kills
Senior Sergent's Medal - Awarded for 1,500 Honorable Kills
First Sergeant's Medal - Awarded for 5,000 Honorable Kills
Stone Guard's Medal - Awarded for 10,000 Honorable Kills
Blood Guard's Medal - Awarded for 15,000 Honorable Kills
Legionnaire's Medal - Awarded for 25,000 Honorable Kills
Centurion's Medal - Awarded for 50,000 Honorable Kills
Champion's Medal - Awarded for 65,000 Honorable Kills
Lieutenant General's Medal - Awarded for 75,000 Honorable Kills
General's Medal - Awarded for 85,000 Honorable Kills
Warlord's Medal - Awarded for 100,000 Honorable Kills
High Warlord's Medal - Awarded for 125,000+ Honorable Kills

Reputation Medals

Medal of the Defilers - Earn Exalted reputation with Arathi Basin's Defilers
Medal of the Frostwolf Hero - Earn Exalted Reputation with Alterac Vally's Frostwolf Clan
Medal of the War-Singer - Earn Exalted Repuation with the Warsong Gulch's Warsong Outriders
Medal of the Conqueror - Earn Exalted Reputation with all three factions

Arena Medals

Medal of Gurubashi Showdown - Earn the [achievement]Gurubashi Arena Master[/achievement] and [achievement]Gurubashi Arena Grand Master[/achievement] acheivements
Challenger's Medal - Earn the title Challenger in Arenas
Rival's Medal - Earn the title Rival in Arenas
Duelist's Medal - Earn the title Duelist in Arenas
Gladiator's Medal - Earn the title Gladiator in Arenas
Arena Conqueror's Medal - Earn the title Arena Master

Achievement Specific Medals

Warsong Outrider's Medal - Earn the [achievement]Master of Warsong Gulch[/achievement] achievement
Arathi All-star's Medal - Earn the [achievement]Master of Arathi Basin[/achievement] achievement
Alterac Defender's Medal - Earn the [achievement]Master of Alterac Valley[/achievement] achievement
Storm Rager's Medal - Earn the [achievement]Master of Eye of the Storm[/achievement] achievement
Medal of the Stranded - Earn the [achievement]Master of Strand of the Ancients[/achievement] achievement
Conquering the Conquest Medal - Earn the [achievement]Master of Isle of Conquest[/achievement] achievement
Medal of the Winter-gripped - Earn the [achievement]Master of Wintergrasp[/achievement] achievement[/center]

More may be added in time if I see it fit. Fight for Ironsong, fight for the Horde. Sing True!

- Melikar Tuskert
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
[center]Medals Earned


Scout's Medal
Grunt's Medal
Sergeant's Medal
Senior Sergeant's Medal
First Sergeant's Medal
Stone Guard's Medal
Blood Guard's Medal
Medal of the Frostwolf Hero


Scout's Medal
Grunt's Medal
Sergeant's Medal
Senior Sergeant's Medal
First Sergeant's Medal


Scout's Medal
Grunt's Medal
Sergeant's Medal
Senior Sergeant's Medal
First Sergeant's Medal[/center]
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
((If you want your medals presented here, post your most up-to-date PvP honor kills and achievements here. If there is anything you think should be added, let me know. Thanks!))
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]

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