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"Iron Song" by Dispaya
Thankee most kind for hearing my words Gen-er-al.

I must say Thankee to all of this tribe who have given aid and advice these many weeks past. I have received gifts and much companionship from my tribe-mates. This be a thing I had thought lost to me and means much to this one. Many have assisted in my quests and by their names I wish to say thankee most true.

Though I cannot yet offer most of thee assistance in battle, I wish to repay thee all for your help and guidance by offering a small gift...It is a song I wrote in tribute to this great tribe.

This song is for you all...

Dispaya opens her spellbook and looks to a note scribbled inside the front cover. *ahem* She clears her throat and begins to sing a deep haunting melody. She has a voice that is beautiful by Forsaken standards, yet which would be disturbing to "human" ears.

Iron "Song"

by Dispaya

Sing true to me a song of Iron

Sing true and know of battles won

Know Tauren, Troll, Orc and Forsaken

In Ironsong, our hearts are one.

Sing true and hear this song of wisdom

Sing true and know these words of stone

Stand with us now and know our glory

In Ironsong we forge our home

Sing true and know this song of courage

Sing true and know our honor strong

Sing true and know this is our story

Sing true and know this Iron Song
Sing True Ironsong!
Solving the worlds fresh water crisis, one frost-bolt at a time.
Very nice.

::applauds:: Thanks, Dispaya.

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