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Iron Juggernaut Nutshell Guide
Iron Juggernaut nutshell guide

This boss stands before the very gates of Orgrimmar. We'll have to defeat him to get in.

He has two phases: one mobile phase, and shorter stationary phase. The phase change times are fixed. This is a single-target encounter. It does not grow progressively more difficult -- the two phases alternate until the boss dies or the raid wipes.

The fight takes place in an enclosed area outside the gates of Orgrimmar. It's a big area, and it's possible to be out of range of the healers. The area also has lots of obstacles (fences, poles, crates, siege engines etc.) which can cause line of sight issues. Be mindful of your position to the healers throughout the fight. During the siege phase random players will be knocked VERY far away (until they hit an obstacle) which can cause problems for healing range -- so you will position yourselves so that they are obstacles not too far behind you to stop your flight.


The encounter starts in this phase. It lasts for 2 minutes (the boss has an energy bar -- when it maxes out he'll switch to the next phase). The Iron Juggernaut is mobile and melees.


* Flame Vents: frontal cone attack cast regularly. High fire damage. Applies stacking debuff to affected players. Requires a tank switch.
* Borer Drill: Every 20 seconds. Causes earth spikes to travel along the ground in several directions, dealing high physical damage to any players hit by them.
* Laser Burn: Fire damage nuke at random raid members, leaves a Fire DoT. Unavoidable.
* Mortar Cannon. Projectile attack every 12 seconds. Targets a random player (a big red circle will appear on the ground), fires a projectile, which lands 3 seconds later, doing high fire damage within an 8-yard radius.
* Crawler Mines. Small adds that spawn behind the boss in random locations. Spawn in groups of 3 every 20 seconds. Can't be killed, do not attack, don't need to be tanked. They remain stationary. Six seconds after they spawn, they explode, dealing very high raid-wide damage. They can be prevented if a player STOMPS a mine into the ground by right-clicking on it while in melee range. Doing so causes that player to take extremely high damage (1,250,000) and be knocked up into the air.

--> Strategy:
* Tanks should face the boss away from the raid at all times to avoid hitting the raid with Flame Vents.
* Tanks should switch when the current tank has 3-4 stacks of the debuff applied by Flame Vents.
* Raid should stand in an arc behind the boss, spread about 8 yards apart so that few people will have to move from Mortar Cannon attacks.
* Move out of big red circle from Mortar Cannon attacks.
* Watch out for earth spikes from Borer Drill -- react quickly.
* Healers will need to react to the damage from Laser Burn nuke attack.
* A player will be designated to detonate Crawler Mines each time they spawn. The ideal player is the tank who is not currently tanking the boss, due to the tank's high health and damage-reduction abilities. A player with immunities can do it too but there are so many mines that this may not be feasible.


This phase lasts for 60 seconds, during this time the Juggernaut is stationary and does not melee. The duration if this phase is also indicated by an energy bar which decreases steadily. The boss does not need to be tanked during this phase.

As in the last phase, he'll use Crawler Mines, plus five new abilities:

* Seismic Activity: constant raid-wide damaging aura. Moderate physical damage every second.
* Shock Pulse: Frequent spell that knocks all raid members back a great distance.
* Demolisher Cannons: Nuke, moderate fire damage to random raid members and to any other player within 6 yards. Unavoidable.
* Cutter Laser: Damaging laser beam that chases a random player for 10 seconds. At point of impact, deals high amount of fire damage.
* Explosive Tar: Damaging and slowing void zones. They do low damage, but they explode if they come into contact with a cutter laser, which causes high raid-wide fire damage.

--> Strategy

* Tanking is not needed, so tanks should try to DPS the boss and handle the Crawler Mines.
* Ranged raid members should spread out around the boss to minimize damage from Demolisher Cannons.
* All players should position themselves so that if they are targeted by a Cutter Laser they have a path to run through without dragging the beam through any Explosive Tar.
* BIGGEST CHALLENGE: players must position themselves so that they don't get knocked-back too far by Shock Pulse. They should keep an obstacle behind them (an obstacle or the edge of the fighting area). if they get knocked back too far, they will end up out of healing range, and they may be knocked back again, and again, before they can make it back to the raid.
* Healers will need to contend with constant raid-wide damage from Seismic Activity, along with knock-backs. Use defensive raid cooldowns here.

Use bloodlust at the start of the fight, as difficulty does not increase, and everybody is alive and has cooldowns.


* Perform a tank switch during the mobile phase to handle the Flame Vents debuff.
* Tank the boss facing away from the raid
* Detonate the Crawler Mines

* Beware of random raid damage caused by the nuke, Laser Burn
* Beware of very high damage to the tank detonating the Crawler Mines
* Beware of raid-wide damage from Seismic Activity (raid-wide aura) and Demolisher Cannons (nuke with 6-yard radius).

* DPS the boss

* Avoid the ground effects (Borer Drill, Mortar Cannon etc.)
* Make sure you are not in a position to be knocked back too far during the Siege Phase!! Position yourself with an object behind you (and not all objects work -- some are too small, so experiment with these).
* If targeted by the Cutter Laser, do not kite the beam into Explosive Tar

The BIGGEST issue of this fight is positioning. Most of the mechanics are things we've seen before in other fights, but the knock-backs can be very disruptive.

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