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Invitation to Race around the World
Hello Ironsong Tribe,

I am a Rotten and consider you an extended part of our family. I am hosting a RP event this Sunday and would like to extend an invitation to Ironsong.

((This event is scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 11 @ 2:00 server time))

We will meet at the Mirage Raceway in the Shimmering Flats (Thousand Needles).

No one knows the route you are about to take or the loot you are going to bring back except me. I was actually talked into telling someone earlier this week and I had to kill them, so don’t ask. All I can tell you right now is that you best sharpen your weapons and clear about 8 slots in your bags.

You will be traveling to both continents. There will be about 8 legs to the race. I will be giving out the first leg just prior to the start. I will not give out the second leg of the race until someone has just about reached the first leg. I will do the same through out the race. For each leg of the race, you will be required to pick me up some loot. Kinda like a scavanger hunt. There will be two classes, Epic mounts & Regular mounts. There will be gold prizes for the top finishers in each class.

Some simple rules:
You may not help each other kill things, this is an individual race.
You can NOT use hearthstones, astral recall, summons, portals or any other type of sneaky evil magic transports.
Travel must be by foot, mount, zeps, boats or bats.
Enchants, potions, spurs, carrots, etc. will be allowed.
You must bring back to me the items you are asked to loot.
You MUST have fun!!!

Although there is quite a nice prize pool, this event was put together for one simple reason. I wanted to get everyone together and have fun.

I hope some of you can join us this Sunday,

Sounds like great fun, Fishon! I will try to be there! One question - is this like the Rotten rolls (lowest roll wins)? Last one in wins? *hopeful look*


Merrina - 60th Season Troll Huntress
Dannae - 60th Season Troll Priestess
Ayator - 47th Season Orc Warlock
What a grand idea, Fishon!

I have known members of your Clan for a very long time now, and if the Rottens know one thing, it is how to have an exciting time. That, and kill ruthlessly, but I hope this race will have little of the latter.

I shall ready my Dreadsteed in hope that the Order will not have pressing duties for me this Sunday.

Thank you very kindly for inviting Ironsong to participate in your race! You are most kind.

~ Eveline
Sounds Swell!
Vote Akora for MA!
This sounds like sooo much fun, but I wont be able to make it. *cries*
((It the weekend of my daughter's 13th birthday so, of course, we'll be out and about celebrating with her.))
The route for the ‘Race around the World’ is set and is scheduled for this Sunday, 2:00pm (server time). Please be at the Mirage Raceway in Thousand Needles at this time if you are to participate in the race. Again, this is a race and scavenger hunt so make sure you have 8 bag slots available.

The Prize Pool for each class (Epic & Regular Mount) currently stands at an impressive:

1st place = 25 gold
2nd place = 15 gold
3rd place = 10 gold

There is no cost to anyone to run the race!!!

Side bets will not be condoned, but will be encouraged because some of us are just sick like that.

I hope you all can join us as I really look forward to hosting this event.


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