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Into the Tribe.
Hello, I'm Lazares, you might have seen me at a moot or two previously. I've been trying to get into your Tribe for quite some time now, and I've decided to try the Totem. I'm a fast-progressing Retribution seeking Paladin of the Sin'Dorei. And I would be humbled to be a part of the Tribe. I've gotten to talk to and befriend quite a few of your Tribe's members. Such as Dentik, Sreng, Hebren, Vortok and Zinka. It would be an honor to be a part of The Ironsong Tribe, and I look forward to hearing from your officers in the future.

~PS: Sreng sent me, Hehe.
Greetings, Lazare. I am Merrina, a Blademaster of the Tribe. We will be happy to consider your request, although we need more information. ((There is an application at the top, please fill it out, in character, and post it here. We need that before we can go further. If you have any questions, please contact any officer, or adviser in game.)) Please mark more information on this totem.
Merrina - Troll Huntress
Dannae - Troll Priestess
Aya'Tor - Orc Warlock
Zyndala - Blood Elf Mage
Zerrah - Forsaken Death Knight

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