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Interesting character features!
Hi everyone!

To help folks get conversations started, list three or more notable things about your character that we can use to start IC conversations with you in guild chat (for example: a pet, a noteworthy physical characteristic, a mannerism, an interest, something special you carry, an unusual item of clothing). I'll start:

* Zlinka carries a little leather bag around her neck with a small handful of sand in it, as well as what looks like a tiny purple snail shell.
* Zlinka is currently being followed by a mysterious haunted crate.
* Zlinka has an unusual white lock in her otherwise turquoise hair.
* One of Zlinka's lockpicking tools looks like it was fashioned from the metal hinge of a chest.
* Zlinka carries a small, wooden flute around with her.

Ask Zlinka about these things when you see her online!

What about your character? List three or more interesting things about your character(s) that we can ask about!
- The tip of Melikar's left tusk is broken off
- He wears a silver pendant of an anvil with a music note inscribed in it around his neck
- If one were to ever see him in his lazy, jungle shorts, they would see the dark scar across the back of his right thigh.

That's all I can think of for now. Smile
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]

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