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Instance quests (Uldaman & Zul'Farrak)
In the interests of helping everyone out with being prepared for instances and not missing any of the potential rewards, I figured I would make a post about the next ones for many of us, those being Uldaman and Zul’Farrak. Some of us have been roughly halfway through Uldaman, and Eve, Tae, and I are planning on starting Zul’Farrak in the near future as well.

First I should mention levels. There are a lot of quests that can be done in Uldaman (most of them in fact) in the low 40’s. However, the final quest and the final boss of the zone should require a roughly 44-47 group. The final battle is a difficult one with many additional attackers joining in the fight until Archaedas is dead.

Zul’Farrak is higher level than Uldaman, and a little buggy in places. The “in combat” bug that many experienced in Wailing Caverns is back, as well as a very buggy and inconsistent conclusion to the Divino-matic rod quest and opening the way to the final boss. This is listed as a 47-50th level zone for completion, but some of the quests should be able to be completed sooner.

I will outline the quests because it’s going to become important not to miss any of the various prerequisites for the main quests, and especially one for Zul’Farrak that will end up being the main quest in the temple of Atal’Hakkar. The ones for Uldaman we have done (with the exception of the final part of necklace recovery) and researched, although I believe there is an additional one for indurium that I can’t seem to get. The ones for Zul’Farrak are from research.

Quests for Uldaman:

Reclaimed treasures: From the undercity near the flightmaster, this is completed outside the instance.

Solution to Doom: From a dwarf in the southern badlands, this is also completed outside the instance.

Uldaman reagent run: From a troll in Kargath, this is the second part of Badlands reagent run, which is a prerequisite. Can be collected inside and outside the instance from mushrooms.

Power Stones: From a goblin in the central Badlands, a collect quest, reportedly a pain to complete, have not done it personally.

Power in Uldaman: This quest is mage only, from Tabetha in Dustwallow marsh I believe. The golem target can be found just inside the “back door” to the instance.

Necklace recovery: This is the main quest for the horde, and requires several trips into the instance. It begins with Dran Droffers in the Drag in Orgimmar, at Droffers and Son salvage. As a random drop in Uldaman (both inside and outside the instance) you may find a shattered necklace that says “this item begins a quest”. DO NOT DESTROY IT. It will say you are the wrong race to start the quest for it because it is how the alliance quest begins. The horde still needs the necklace. After taking it to Orgimmar, you will be sent back inside to find the remains of a deceased paladin, which is inside the instance near the beginning. And finally, after visiting Kargath, you will be sent on to get the three gems and the power source for the necklace, which is the final main quest.

Quests in Zul’Farrak:

Troll Temper: From the elf by the forge in Gadegtzan, collect quest from trolls both inside and outside the instance.

Tiara of the Deep: This quest may begin with Tabetha’s Task, which comes from a person across from the mage quarter in the Undercity, but Tabetha is in Dustwallow marsh in the southern part of the swamp. The tiara comes from Hydromancer Velratha inside the instance.

Scarab Shells: From a goblin in Gadgetzan, collection from scarabs inside the instance.

Gahz’Rilla: From Wizzle Brassbolts at the mirage raceway in the shimmering flats. Must kill Gahz’rilla inside the instance.

The Prophecy of Mosh’Aru: From a troll at steamweedle port, but this has a prereq of Screecher Spirits. This will require two tablets from inside the instance. This quest leads to the main quest for the temple of Atal’Hakkar, and onward to quests in Blackrock. Very important.

Divino-matic rod: I’m not even going to attempt to describe all of the bugs with this quest or how messed up the final sequence of events can be. People report completing it just fine, others report despawns of the quest NPC’s, bugged text, and massive waves of trolls. Most recommend doing specific things to bug the event intentionally and complete the quest, since it does not always work right anyway. This quest is gotten from a goblin in Gadgetzan and is really the main quest here, with part of the event opening the way to the final boss, who there does not seem to be a quest for.

The Spider God: This quest has several prereqs that begin by finding some venom bottles in a witherbark troll camp in the hinterlands, and eventually send you into Zul’Farrak to find a stone tablet.

Hopefully I didnt miss any, but please feel free to post if I did. Thanks,

I would like to be part of both instances soon. I know ts unlikely to find a grup when u need one but mybe its safe to state Im available to do any of them.

Thank you
The Truly Bovine Expert
If we can find a fifth we should definitely hit ZF. We've only been through once and didn't do it all thanks to some of the bugs in Divino-matic Rod quest. There is more to fighting Ghaz'rilla then Kosath mentions, but only one person has to have done it to get an item to summon Ghaz'rilla and we already have. I have the hammer you need to ring the Ghaz'rilla summoning gong, so no problem.
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