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Instance List ( Updated Feb 13th! Do read! )
How to use this list:
This list is a collection of data from this thread. To keep this simple, I ask you only post information in that thread. I will attempt to update as often as I can, and I will note when I do. Please, if you wish to sign up clearly state your class, where you want to go, and if you have certain times, when. As more data is collected we can come up with times the tribe is most likely to run.
**Should you wish to lead an event on a certain day, at a certain time let me know. I will then name a run your run, and give it's time. Weekly runs are preffered**
Remember; most of the Tribe will show up at the moot on Thursday, and most will take part in the large events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I will add other instances to this list in the coming days.

How to read this list:
(K) = Keyed. If you have the required key to enter/move through this zone, or are able to pick locks, this will appear by your name. Please let me know if you are keyed.
(L) = Late. Late play time, past 8pm Org time.
(E) = Early. Early play time, before noon Org time.
Names appear in the class color, to help see which class might be able to assist.

[Image: BRDicon.gif] Blackrock Depths (52+)
This place is the gigantic home of the Dark Iron Dwarves and there is much to do here. Most notabley, attunement for the Molten Core; as the deeper you go the more noticable fire elementals are.
**Kosath, Eveline, and Shillatae's "attunment" Black Forge Raid - 1pm, Feb 13th!**
Alexei, Brannora, Dispaya, Efluvia, Haida(K), Jabadue, Kagan, Kizah/Edonil(K), Lucrey, Oryx, Tanzyre

[Image: BRSLicon.gif] Lower Blackrock Spire (57+)
A dungeon which holds the might of the Blackrock Orcs and their allies. Set in a crumbling dwarvish empire you collect gems which form into a key for Upper Blackrock Spire.
Brannora, Chaska, Dispaya, Galerunner, Haida, Jabadue, Oryx, Vilyave(L), Zlinka(L)

[Image: BRSUicon.gif] Upper Blackrock Spire (58+)
Higher into the spire you will find more and more that the Blackrock orcs have succumb to the delusions of the Black flight. Much needs to be done here to gain the key to Onyxia's lair. Many also like to get their set chest piece from the final boss.
Brannora, Chaska, Dispaya, Efluvia, Galerunner, Haida, Jabadue, Oryx, Shillatae(K), Vilyave(L), Zlinka(L)

[Image: ScarletStraticon.gif] Stratholme (Scarlet/Live side) (57+)
Stratholme was a northern human city, once having done prosperous business with the high elves. It has since fallen to the scourge and the few living people remaining are the fanatical Scarlet Crusade, a psyhotic deviation from their original Silver Hand charge.
Brannora, Dispaya, Edonil(K), Haida(K), Kagan, Lucrey, Zlinka(L)

[Image: UndeadStraticon.gif] Stratholme (Undead side) (57+)
The bulk of Stratholme is a firey ruin. Those who walk the streets are doomed to a life of undeath. The scourge have set up towers which protect their Baron, take them down and crush him to get your set pants.
Brannora, Dispaya, Edonil(K), Haida(K), Jabadue, Kagan, Lucrey, Zlinka(L)

[Image: Scholoicon.gif] The Scholomance (57+)
On the island of Caer Darrow there had been a magnificent estate. The scourge shackled this small empire into a school where dark magics are taught. Head in to remove the undead manor, and acquire your set helm within.
Amato, Brannora, Chaska, Dispaya, Efluvia, Edonil(K), Haida, Jabadue, Masai, Oryx, Zlinka(L)(K)

[Image: DMnorthicon.gif] Dire Maul (North) (56+)
Once a majestic elven city, Eldre'thalas has fallen prey to many. The northern section is held by a clan of Ogres. A run, known as tribute, happens here, killing the king will subdue the other ogres to your whims.
Damoxian, Galerunner, Haida, Jabadue, Kagan, Oryx, Zlinka(L)

[Image: DMeasticon.gif] Dire Maul (East) (57+)
The ogres aren't the only ones who hold sections of Eldre'thalas. The eastern wings are held by demonic broods and corrupted plant creatures. Tread carefully.
Damoxian's Run: 5pm Wednesday?
Chaska, Damoxian(K), Efluvia, Galerunner, Haida(K), Jabadue, Oryx, Zlinka(L)

[Image: DMwesticon.gif] Dire Maul (West) (59+)
The western side of Dire Maul is controlled by many elemental spirits. Speak with the remaining elves who have holed up in the Library to learn more.
Damoxian,Galerunner, Haida, Jabadue, Kagan, Oryx, Zlinka(L)

Please let me know if there are any errors to your sign up. You can send me PMs, Tells, In-game Mail, or post in the sign up thread. Note, tells in game might not work efficiently. I'm not apt to scribble notes down while playing. So please ammend with a further notation about where you want to sign up. If you feel you have signed up, and don't appear here, you didn't give concise enough information.
I hope to have more instances this week. I will add Zul'Farrak, Jintha'Alor, and Sunken Temple due to potential demand. Please, feel free to sign up for running times!

Thanks for your assistance!
Updated February 13th

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