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Inactive Alt Policy
Any alts that have not been logged in for more than 180 days (6 months) will be removed from the Tribe to clear up the roster a bit. Any Grunt or higher-ranking member is welcome to have any number of active alts in the Tribe, so if you find your sidelined alt removed and want it back in to play again you are welcome to have them reinvited at any time for further play.

For those who may not be aware our policy on mains is that no main character is removed from the Tribe unless they have been inactive for a full year. Also, should anyone be away for a long time and then find themselves removed from the Tribe we generally welcome any former member who left in good standing without much fuss, usually just ask folks to come to a Moot so that newer members get to meet them.


(Note that while this may alleviate the roster issues a bit in the short term, it is inevitable that the Tribe will eventually rest above 500 characters on a permanent basis. This policy is not primarily meant to address that issue - we aren't going to penalize or remove anyone just because Blizzard implemented the roster without the robustness we need for such a mighty Tribe! Big Grin)
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Also, please keep in mind our minimum alt level policy! Alts must be level 20 to be guilded. Any alts that were still in the Tribe before we instituted this policy are exempt from this, however. (Unless you remake the alt - you'd then have to be level 20+ again before getting a reinvite)

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