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In typical Sound fashion, I've done something a bit crazy.
This applies to Vythika however.

In my continual yawn/make no sense fest of having -two- herbalists, earlier this morning I decided I really wanted to take on something different, time consuming and more beneficial to the group compositions I usually find myself in. In a move some may say is nuts, I finally picked up something else-- Enchanting. I don’t expect it to be a quick, cheap or an easy process in the -least-, but the ability to eventually disenchant Outland’s loot and one day enchant rings will be shinny. :)

Anywho, what I’m here for: If any of you have any low level, random enchant materials laying about that you’d like to go to a useful cause, Vythika will gladly take them. I don’t care what it is or how many there are of it. Those that I don’t use will either be sent back or deposited in the guild bank- it would be up to you (just be sure to let me know which! :). I’m also going to make a note here that if you notice me or an alt taking a few stacks of dusts, essences or shards out of the bank in the weeks ahead, they are most definitely being used for a legit cause.

Again, I know enchanting can be rather crazy.. Professions help largely make this game what it is for me however, regardless how much of a PITA they may be or not.

Thank you!
*whimper* I put all of my low-level enchanting mats in the guild bank... a couple weeks ago...
I both thought about and realized that, Mel, but ah well.. Hopefully all that was taken from our bank is somehow at least being helpful to another, regardless of the means it was acquired. In practice I try not to focus on what is lost, but the positives and what can be regained. The strength as to which our guild bank has come slowly roaring back has shown there is still much to give. In the end a loss is a loss.. but the learning experience this one has taught us will prove to be invaluable (regardless of the path we unfortunately had to take to find it). Somewhere there is good in that.

*looks shifty and turns the subject back to enchanting materials and the such*
Auctaly, the person who took the stuff didn't touch the enchanting supplies, which I thought was rather odd.
S'because you can't vendor them, and there's not much of an AH market for low-level anything.
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I'd recommend clearing some dungeons honestly. you get tons of greens for DE's and shards from the blues. Just remember not to use your pet until you hit the 30-40 dungeons.
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Efluv- I've been farming instances as you mentioned and it's been quite successful thus far (she's at a skill of 205 atm), but am perplexed as to why you suggest not using my pet until those levels? Using the voidwalker to /carefully/ gather a fourth of RFC + SOC spam was bloody friggin' wonderful-- I just had to make sure to take the proper attacking precautions so it didn't actually kill anything on it's complete own. Is there another reason I'm missing?

*chooses not to mention the time she accidentally died in RFC with imp, 40 trogs + hellfire.* Interruptions = baaaaaad.
Hmm. I will mention that you're crazy, DoomTree, because it must be done. That aside, I know Naruth has a smattering assortment of lower level enchanting materials I've held on to for casual twinking of lower level characters and... other things... (*cough*firey brooms*cough*). I won't have WoW for a bit, but if you know what you'll need/which phase you're in, let me know, and I'll look into getting you what I have.
I recommend it because your pet can sometimes kill its target without taking any damage from you and thus not being lootable. Once they get a few more HPs the voidy is fine because he won't two-shot stuff. You shouldn't have a problem with stuff killing you either, 'specially with siphon life killing everything.
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

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And if you want to make friends and speed it up, take lowbies along. They loot, you get the stuff, they get gobs of XP :p
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