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In search of instance junkies
I am currently seeking fellow instance junkies. (those who love to run instances whether they need them or not)

Right now I have 6 quests in the sunken temple, been trying for a week to find a group without success. I'd really love to get these quests done.

Also I'm looking at picking up the quests for BRD, Scholo and Strath and would love people to run it with.

I'm also game to run any other instance that I can, if people have lower lvl alts that need runs, poke me and I'll go.
My lowest level Horde alt at the moment is my warlock at 30. He could join you later if you're willing to wait, but I wouldn't rely on it. ;p

Melikar or Kardwel could give you a run through either of these places if need be and you don't mind a bit of lack in experience. At least all loot would be yours. If you need, just send me a tell when you see my online and we'll see if I'm available.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Got a 36 Rogue at your service.
Tomorrow evening if you can make it....Eru'Adan will take you through Sunken Temple. If time permits, Blackrock Depths as well. If you wish it of course.

Other's alts are welcome to join. Be there or be cylindrical.
Well I am still searching for people to run stuff with.

Kai needs BRD, Strath, and scholo, but I dont have the keys for any of them yet. Anything else a lvl 61 could get into would be nice.

Valshar needs UK, Nexus since he just hit 70, anything else he can run would be cool too.

Kynda hit 20 so anything her level would be awesome.

I spend most of my time online in the lfg channel with no luck, so I'm asking for help from my Tribemates. If anyone has alts around the levels my toons are, or if you have the time to help me just run through something it would be greatly appreciated. I'll be more than happy to return the favor in helping anyone with their alts too.

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