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In case you missed it:
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4th Edition now huh? Man I am feeling old... :?
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I see that there will be some info on races/classes in December, but does anyone have any inside info on what they'll be doing in that arena in 4ed?
You know, I'm not the type to get bent out of shape by new things. I am often excited by new iterations of things that I already liked. Burning Crusade excited me, Lich King looks exciting, even when they made the transition from 2nd to 3rd (and then subsequently 3.5), I was excited.

But what's wrong with 3.5? I honestly feel like they got it right....

I play Warhammer and WH40k, and anyone who's been with either of those games for any amount of time can tell you how frequently they update their rules editions. I seriously hope that Wizards isn't headed in that direction with D&D. If they are, let's hope that each edition comes with changes for the better.
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What was Wrong....was that anything outside of the core rule books with the TSR stamp on it....is basically garbage. and they need to recycle that garbage to make money.

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Sadly, Damoxian is half correct (about recylcing... there are some gems among the garbage). Shillatae and I discussed it last night. They have essentially gone through all possible class books twice now and 4 (5?) editions of the monster manual. They're really only left with setting material and modules, which is apparently the strategy that killed off TSR in 2nd edition.

From a financial perspective it makes sense, but I do agree with Sreng in that I enjoy 3.5 at its core and think they got it mostly right... especially if you leave out a lot of the excess "garbage" that followed. Smile
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Confusedhock: There was a release of WH40K after 1990?
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Oryx Wrote:Confusedhock: There was a release of WH40K after 1990?

I think he means the Codex's that are being released now, which are sort of like the Index Astartes.

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