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Imonar nutshell guide
Imonar is a three-phase fight split by two intermissions.  It takes place on several platforms.  We will fight the boss on one of these platforms, then for the intermission the boss will jump to a new platform and we'll have to make our way to that platform by getting over a bridge which is covered with traps and mines.  Once we'll all over the bridge we'll re-engage the boss, and that will end the intermission and begin the next phase of the fight.


Shock Lance:  Anti-tank attack.  Does damage and a stacking debuff AND shocks an additional nearby player with Electrify every 3 seconds for each stack.

Sleep Canister and Slumber Gas:  Sleeps random players for 20 seconds.  Can be dispelled, but this triggers a 10-yard explosion of Slumber Gas, which puts players to sleep for 8 seconds.

Pulse Grenade and Shocked:  Targets random players.  Touching a grenade blows it up, doing damage, a knockback, and applying a stacking debuff called Shocked to players within 3 yards, which increases damage taken.

Infernal Rockets:  Targets players who attempt to leave the platform and stand on the bridge.  Does damage and applies a stacking debuff that increases damage taken. 


Tanks position the boss near the bridge to give ranged and healers lots of room.  Tanks swap every time their Shock Lance debuff expires.  Three stacks is fine for the swap.  Make sure as few targets get electrify as possible.

The main platform is pretty small, but ranged and healers should maintain a spread of 10 yards at all times due to the Sleep Cannisters.  Canisters in ranged should be dispelled immediately.

Melee will stack on one side of the boss.  When the canisters are deployed, all the unaffected players will move together to the other side, allowing for a safe dispel.  (Note:  there are a few seconds' grace period after you get a canister, so if an affected melee is quick they can run out).

In addition to maintaining a 10 yard spread, ranged and healers should also stay near the edges of the platform, because the Pulse Grenades will target people and persist for the entire fight.  Having them at the edge of the platform makes the space easier to handle.

(Note:  we can also stack up and move as a group away from the Pulse Grenades, BUT the additional movement required for the Sleep Canisters may make this too chaotic).

Don't stand on the bridge as you'll get bombarded with rockets.


At 66% health, Imonar leaps across the bridge to a secondary platform and begins casting Conflagration.  We must cross the bridge and interrupt his cast to trigger the next phase, while avoiding the traps lain by the boss.

Seared Skin:  Debuff that does increasing damage to players who attempt to stand on the flaming edges of the bridge.

Stasis Trap:  All over the bridge.  Damage + 3-yard AoE stun.

Pulse Grenade:  Same as those in Phase One.  Explosion, knockback, and stacking debuff.

Blastwire:  Moderate raid-wide damage when triggered.

Shrapnel Mines and Shrapnel Blast:  All over the bridge.  Stepping on one triggers a Shrapnel Blast, which is a 4-yard AoE + bleed DoT.

Conflagration:  Imonar channels Conflragration throughout this intermission.  This shields him, and causes flaming orbs to travel down the bridge in lines.  These do fire damage and apply a slow.  Interrupting this ends the intermission.  Any flaming orbs that were already spawned will now do a lot more damage if touched.


Tanks should lead the way across the bridge, detonating traps to clear a path if necessary.  Mobile classes with immunities (like rogues and hunters) can run ahead too and clear a path.

Stampeding Roar is really helpful here.  At least one healer should stay at the back of the group to heal stragglers.

Don't trigger the traps if you can help it!

Flaming Orbs will roll down the platform in three different 'lanes.'  We will need to navigate both traps and flaming orbs during this phase.  Be patient but decisive.

The first players across the bridge should NOT interrupt Conflagration right away, as this triggers Phase Two immediately.  If that happens the players still on the bridge will get hit with Infernal Rockets.  Wait for everyone to make it across before interrupting the channel.


After the intermission, Imonar will jump to a new platform.  The boss will still be at 66% health.

Sever:  anti-tank attack.  Damage + stacking bleed.

Charged Blasts:  These are attacks from overhead ships.  Players are marked with a red symbol over their head + a debuff.  After 7 seconds the ship fires in a line, striking all targets with heavy damage, knocking them back, and applying a debuff.  The targeted player cannot evade this.

Shrapnel Mines and Shrapnel Blast:  The boss will lay these mines periodically.  Blast + bleed.

Infernal Rockets:  Same as Phase One.  Target anyone who attempts to leave the platform and stand on the bridge.


Tanks move Imonar near one of the back edges of the platform.  Perform taunt swaps whenever the other tank's debuff falls off, as in Phase One.  For the first swap, 4 stacks is fine.

Ranged and healers stay near the edge to bait mine spawns.

There will be a big targeting circle when the boss does Shrapnel Blast -- get out of these!

For the ship attacks, the targeted player should position the blast line to run across the edge of the platform.  Everyone else, get out of the lines.


At 33% health the boss returns to his starting platform, leaping back across the bridge and laying a series of fresh traps while channeling Conflagration.  This is identical to the first intermission.


This intermission is the same as the first EXCEPT that there are a lot more traps, probably due to the persistence of traps fro the first intermission.

Classes with immunities need to clear a path for their allies.  Tanks can help with this (tanks are particularly good at clearing Shrapnel Blasts, which look like red mines).

If there's a part of the bridge we can't get through, there's the detonation order:

1. Stasis Traps
2. Shrapnel Blases
3. Pulse Grenades
4. Blastwires -- avoid these if possible

Wait till everyone is across to interrupt Conflagration!


Begins at 33% on the original platform.

Empowered Shock Lance and Empowered Electrify:  Anti-tank attack, similar to Phase One but with more damage.  Damage + stacking debuff, and shocks a nearby player with Empowered Electrify.

Empowered Pulse Grenade:  applied to several players every 46 seconds.  These knock others away and deal damage to players within 5 yards.

Empowered Shrapnel Blast:  Any Shrapnel Mines triggered in this phase apply Empowered Shrapnel Blast, which inflicts heavy fire damage and applies a DoT to players within 3 yards.  This does damage every 2 seconds and does not expire!

Infernal Rockets:  same in Phase One and Two.


Tank the boss near the entrance of the room, where there are likely to be a lot of pulse grenades, to give the ranged DPS and healers room to spread out, as Empowered Pulse Grenades are permanent and require a spread.

Taunt swap at every stack during this phase.

Avoid the Empowered Shrapnel Blast, which looks like a large number of targeting circles.

We will bloodlust during this phase.
Heroic Imonar

There are several mechanics changes in heroic Imonar:

1.  The Slumber Gas, which triggers when a Sleep Cannister expires / is dispelled, now stuns all other players within 10 yards, up from 7 yards.

--> Players need to spread out more during phase one, or move further away from their groups.

2. Conflagration will now cause orbs to roll down the platform in three lanes.  These will do burst damage and reduce movement speed.

--> We have to avoid these orbs in addition to the traps.

3. The Seared Skin debuff, which we get by standing on the fiery edges of the bridge during intermission, now increase damage taken.

--> Do not run into the fiery edges of the bridge, as the increase to damage taken will carry over into the next phase.

4. Empowered Pulse Grenades now last 46 seconds, up from 30 seconds.
Heroic Imonar

Phase One

In Phase One, ranged spread out.  The boss will throw pulse grenades, typically at ranged.  These do damage, a debuff, and a knockback, potentially off the platform.  Stand near active grenades to keep them as stacked as possible, as they don't despawn, so we'll be dealing with them later in Phase Three.

We may use bloodlust in Phase One to save space for Phase Three.

Any Pulse Grenades thrown at melee should be soaked by a single player, as moving the boss around in this phase can make the sleep canisters harder to deal with.

The boss will be throwing sleep canisters at two players after a short notification.  This puts the player to sleep for 20 seconds.  When dispelled, it will stun players within 10 yards for 9 seconds.  So, we'll have two raid markers set up behind the boss, 10 yards apart.  All the melee should stack on one marker.  A soon as a melee player is hit by a canister, the REST of the melee will move to the other marker.  Once everyone is gone the affected melee player can be dispelled.

The tanks will be dealing with Shock Lance, which does physical damage, a debuff, AND does burst damage to a random raid member.  More stacks = more damage to the tank and to the random raid member.  So keep the stacks low.  Taunt at 4 stacks.

Intermission 1

Ad 66% we will enter the first intermission.  The boss will fly to the other platform and begin to cast Conflagration.  This will hurl orbs down the bridge which deal damage and slow anyone struck by them, and also buff the boss.  We need to interrupt Conflagration quickly because on heroic it does increasing ticking damage to the entire raid.

On the bridge we'll see Pulse Grenades (like those in Phase One), and also Stasis Traps.  These do a little damage, but they also stun the player and anyone nearby (dispellable).  If we are blocked on the bridge we can have a single player detonate a stasis trap and be dispelled immediately.

Note that the fires at the edges of the bridge to a LOT of damage, so don't run in to them.

Once we reach the end of the bridge and interrupt Conflagration Phase Two will begin.

Phase Two

Ranged should be spread out, as in Phase One.  In Phase Two we'll have Shrapnel Blast Mines instead of Pulse Grenades.  Shrapnel Blast Mines do damage when they spawn, and if triggered, they apply a nasty DoT instead of a knockback.  Dodge these, just like grenades in Phase One.  If they land in melee, move the boss off it, or have a tank run in to clear it up.

The other mechanic in Phase Two is Charged Blast.  Two spaceships will spawn somewhere on the sides of the platform.  They'll each fixate a single player, and after 7 seconds will fire a beam at them, damaging anyone in the beam, and doing a knockback and a DoT.  If you get targeted, run out of the group so you are the only player hit, but don't get knocked off the platform.  Don't be too close to the edge.  Best places to run are to the front and back of the room (the place where we came in, and the side opposite that).

Tanks will need to deal with Sever, a damaging attack that applies a stacking DoT.  Taunt at two stacks.

Intermission 2

When the boss reaches 33% health we will enter the second intermission.  This is actually one of the toughest parts of the fight.  In addition to the Pulse Grenades and Stasis Traps and orbs, we'll have to deal with Shrapnel Blast Mines (damage + DoT) and Blast Wires (fiery lines running across bridge).  Blast Wires do raid-wide damage when triggered.

It's best to have a single player -- probably a tank -- lead the charge by running several yards ahead of the group.  The tank can clear the traps we need to get across. Healers should save their healing cooldowns for this second bridge crossing, especially those that are good during raid movement.  Prioritize dispels and damage reductions on the tank.  The tank should check raid health before breaking a Blast Wire.

Phase Three

Once we're on the other side and interrupt Conflagration, Phase Three begins.  Ranged spread out just as before.

We now need to deal with Empowered versions of earlier abilities.  We'll get Empowered Pulse Grenades, which means that instead of being an object you need to avoid, they are now placed on random ranged players.  They appear as a 45 second debuff.  The debuff does ticking damage AND causes you to knock back any players within 5 yards.  Being spread out will help a lot with the knockback problem.

We'll also see Empowered Shrapnel Blast.  Swirly circles will appear on the platform, and players hit by these will take burst damage and receive a PERMANENT stacking DoT.  Avoid these swirly circles!  Players with the Empowered Pulse Grenade debuff (which has a knockback) should be especially careful so they don't knock other players into the swirls.

Tanks will have Empowered Shock Lance to deal with.  The debuff will no longer fall off, so it will keep stacking until you die or the boss does.  Swap every 3 stacks or so to keep the increasing raid damage from ramping up too fast.

If the stacks get too high and we wipe due to raid damage, we can use Bloodlust in this phase.  This does mean that we'd have more Pulse Grenades left over from Phase One to deal with.

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