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Image issues?
Having problems seeing images? Please post a reply here. Be sure to tell me your browser, and whether your security settings are preventing sites from checking referrers.
*raises her hand*

Which is odd... Because a day or two ago they were working for me perfectly fine. I use Firefox and images are set to automatically load.. And I can't find anything in the options menu which would be preventing them from showing for me. Hmm.

*edit* I went back and looked at the site more thoroughly and a lot of the image-type stuff beyond people's Avatars is also looking different to me.. In fact some of it doesn't have images at all anymore, just linked disproportioned words for it. No idea why.
How about now?
Whoa, now it's completely fixed for me?
Something funky is going on, <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.IronSongTribe.com">http://www.IronSongTribe.com</a><!-- w --> works but IronSongTribe.Com has image issues. Something might be funky on your DNS.
You should be able to type in the URL with or without the www. That's the issue Sound was running into, I discovered (after reviewing some logs), so... if anyone is still having problems, I'd suggest to try emptying the temporary internet files/cache folders.

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