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If WoW was like real life...
Another "getting to know your character" type thread.

If our characters existed in this day and age, what would they be doing? Where would they be living? What about jobs and such? Note that there are no such things as magic and sparkly little lights that heal people, it's all like this reality we have. Well, except there are Undead people...and all other WoW races...

Melikar would probably be rooming it with two other trolls trying to scrape out a living from his job at the gas station/car wash. Ha, I'm just messing with ya! He'd actually be working some kind of boring job, but I can't think of a specific one right now. He'd probably hang out on the internet a lot too, go to the movies with his buddies if he had the time. He'd be one of the guys who went to college for two years, got bored and is waiting till he has enough money to go back and finish so he can get a *real* job.

Kardwel would live in one of those rich, bachelor pads and have gatherings with other Blood Elves and like-minded people every weekend. He'd be friends with that guy down the street who has a really nice backyard, a huge pool, hot tub and always seems to have the ladies over. He'd also dress in his tuxedo and go to one of those classy orchestra shows every once in a while. He would see the troll side of town as the ghetto and the human side of town as a place he never wants to go near. He went to a restaurant frequented by humans once, hated the food.
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