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Ideas for Using the Guild Bank
Here is a list of suggestions and helpful hints about using the guild bank. Please add your own suggestions and ideas to this thread and I will update this post. When we have a good amount of input we’ll try to make this into a coherent and easy to read set of guidelines for the guild to use. Feel free to comment or criticize any of these guidelines in a productive and respectful manner.

- If there are multiples of a certain item, try not to take more than half of what is there.

- If it’s an item you know that people will use a lot of like Infinite Dust or Frost Lotuses, please only take what you absolutely need. It’s very important to keep a supply of these items in the guild bank at all times for emergencies.

- Replace what you have taken when you can afford it. The guild bank is not a dumpster. People aren’t putting items in there because they don’t need or want them, they’re putting them in there in the hope that other people will return the favor and put stuff in they can use.

- Put in something that you can make or gather that other people readily use.

- Don’t put items in that people only use rarely or that is only useful for alts and low level characters.

- Specialize. Try to focus on one particular profession. If you spend your free time working on one profession be it gathering or crafting, you will often be able to create and provide a lot more and better quality items than if you try to split between two or more (ie. “alt professioning”).

- If you want to collect lower level stuff do what most of us have done and make an alt into your banker. Set him/her up a guild and get your own guild bank. (Shantow)

- If you feel worried that the items you put in will get hacked keep in mind that Blizzard has always replaced items that have been taken from the guild bank due to peoples’ accounts getting hacked. But also just think about the well-being of the guild, we can’t make an omlette without breaking a few eggs.
- If an item you think is useful to the guild bank is not in there please post on the "Guild Bank Requests" thread. If the item is on there that will protect it from being removed as trash. Note that items considered trash usually will be consdered such after they have spent a week or so in the bank without anyone using them.

- If you need a large quantity of a specific item all at once please contact a crafter/gatherer specifically. Do not hog all of a specific item if it is part of the "Guild Bank Requests" list for yourself.

- If you are using items for skillups please follow the guildelines for taking items. Take small amounts over a long period of time or contact a gatherer directly.
No one has responded at all to these posts so I'm assuming people don't care that much about the guild bank at present. I will be taking a lot of the pre-Wrath items and putting them on the AH. That way we can clear out wasted space and use the money to buy items that people may want or need more. If there are items you would like to see in the guild bank please post in the "Guild Bank Requests" thread stickied on this forum. I will see if we can use the money to purchase things that people request like enchanting mats.
Thanks Dentik...I think your ideas here are just fine.
I'm also a self appointed banker and I have cleared my share from there also.
I think wer will generally always have to clear the junk from time to time but to all members..please do not use the bank as a trash can. It helps if you only put things in there that others can generally use and that are not easy to get.

Please no more ichor of undeath...please...ha

Thanks Den...I think whatever you sell is fine. You have good judgement.
I'd personally like to see all those cards go away as they take up alot of space.

Sing True Ironsong!
~runs to the Auction House and purchases all of the Ichor of Undeath, as well as Essence of Undeath as possible and dumps it into Guild Bank~
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King

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