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IST Roll addon
I have had some requests for this addon.

I have attached the new zip archive with the addon itself. I have also attached an IST_ROLLS.lua file that has the up to date rolls in it in the right format. Copy IST_ROLLS.lua to your wow WTF/Account/"AccountName"/SavedVariables directory overwriting the existing one.

A few details on the commands.
Command (These should output to raid):
/ist help - list comands and what they do
/ist notify - Sends current rolls to the raid
/ist set Player value - sets player's roll to value
/ist get Player - gets the current value of the player's roll
/ist update increment - Use the command after raid to increment the rolls of all players who did not get loot by the increment.
/ist reset - resets all rolls

The addon does no looting itself. It just keeps track of the rolls. I may add the looting later. It stores the rolls in the account SavedVariables directory in a file called ISTRoll.lua That is under the game directory in WTF/Account/"AccountName"/SavedVariables.

Also, included in the zip file is a convert.lua program that I wrote to convert our current rolls to the lua format. I did this Sunday for the current rolls and they are stored in the IST_ROLLs.lua file. To start with our current rolls, copy this vile to WTF/Account/"AccountName"/SavedVariables and rename it ISTRoll.lua.

"/ist loot Jabadue on" sets Jabadue's loot status to be on-spec. "/ist loot Jabadue off" sets it to be off-spec. You will need to type these commands in as you loot. Once a player receives "on-spec" loot, then, you cannot change it to off-spec. My reasoning was that "on-spec" always means the roll will be decremented, so once on-spec, off-spec no longer matters. If necessary, you can flip "on" and "off" spec with "/ist change Jabadue". I did not try to save the loot they are winning as that seemed more difficult and outside the scope of what we wanted (i.e. to keep track of rolls).

"/ist update 10" increments all players that have not won loot by 10, does not increment rolls for off-spec, and resets on-spec winners to zero.

On the display, you can flip between looking at rolls and looking at who has won loot (on or off spec).

The values of the rolls AND the players who have won loot on or off spec are saved in the ISTRoll.lua file in the WTF/Account/"AccountName"/SavedVariables directory.

I used the addon on Friday with no problems, just remember to update before logging off. I will be using it again tonight. If you want to use it, I would recommend doing a written back up for awhile, just in case.

One more thing is that players can whisper you with the message "!rollinfo" and the addon will respond with their roll.
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Now, is this something that all of us should be expected to use? Will the Master Looter be maintaining roll data for the entire raid and this is just a tool for personal reference?

I am rather intrigued by this and will try it out tonight.
It's just for the master looter, but feel free to check it out.
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel

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