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IST Dungeon Crawl
The Ironsong Dungeon Crawl is run by myself every Saturday evening at 6pm Server Time. Ideally, this dungeon crawl is to help gear/prepare our members for raids such as ICC 10 and 25man encounters. Right now how it works is a group of 5 of us will random queue (to get those extra two emblems of triumph) and we run as many dungeons as we can together. When I get enough interest built up to run 2 or 3 groups at a time, I'd like to set up to make the event a little more competitive, where we generate a small list of heroics and all enter them, racing to see who can finish the dungeon list first. Obviously, since its a race, there will be prizes for the winning 5man party. Prizes can range from gold (100g) to uncut gems or mats needed for making appropriate, hard to get, gear for the person's particular class/build.

If anyone is interested, please feel free to let me know on the forums or in game so I can get you signed up!
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