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I'm back and..
...where is everybody? There were at most two other folks on at the same time I was yesterday. I talked to Melikar on her druid alt to find a few folks had moved to another guild.

I've been gone for a while, so I'm obviously out of touch on what's going on; I was surprised to find out there weren't Moots on Thursday nights any more.

Also, even though I've activated my forum account, it won't let me post in the members meeting section.
Welcome back, Lhuurssa! We're glad to see you!

Things are quiet right now in part because we're mid-expansion -- we usually see reduced play during this part of the cycle. I expect an uptick when 4.3 is released. But we are still here: I've seen 5-6 people on during the day doing Hallow's End content, and a fair number of people log on for raid nights on Friday evenings at 7:30 -- come on and say hello!

The officers are working on updating our recruitment policy to keep up with the changes in the game (the cross-server "looking for group" system has reduced random encounters with new people on the server, the "looking for guild" system has changed how people approach guilds, while the "guild achievement" system had increased the incentive to be in a guild and play with guildmates).

Send a PM to Kretol about posting in the member meeting section, maybe it's something he can fix. [edit: I popped a PM off to Kretol to see if he knows what's up.]

I've unsubbed...again. As much as I enjoyed the occasional foray into the world, it just wasn't pulling me in enough to justify the sub.

I wasn't originally planning on getting TOR, but a few friends from STO made it sound intriguing enough to try. I'm really enjoying it there.

Please demote all of my toons to Peon or even remove them from the guild completely. I've heard from credible sources that odd stuff happens to accounts that are inactive fro more than a year; some pretty hefty allegations against Blizzard that I won't go into here.

Anyway, thanks for welcoming me back, and while I don't think it's likely, I may pop up again some time.

Lok'tar ogar!
Hi Lhuurssa,

It was good to see you, Lhuurssa, even though your time back was brief! I wish you the best in your new adventures.


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