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I have returned and I bring ZA!
Hello the violent sapta-addicted troll has returned from his 3 month hiatus as some may have known. But upon coming back to game I have realized a great truth, there is not enough ZA. So, I am starting up one to fill this grave deficiency and we are in need of you! I have opened this up to all guilds I have affiliated with in my time, so its not a strictly this guild or this guild and some others run. Any with experience but preferences based on gear may occur to those in late kara gear. We intend to go for the bears, so expect fast action. Vent and bigwigs are absolute must haves.

Time: Tuesdays 6-10pm server time

First run: Barring lack of key classes, September 2nd

Currently seeking

DPS of any sort

Off tank, preferably of the furry persuasion

maybe one healer, depends on composition at the time.

Get in touch with me via reply to this forum or in-game mail to Zeengo or Yaetherin. See you in the Zu'Aman!
meow, a good way to start my school year in my opinion!
I can bring either my Uber lock who has a grudge with the amani still or my Blade weilding Maniac Assassin.
Hiya, Zeengo!

Well, Zlinka and I can't make Tuesday at 6:00. But we can do 7:00! Our typical team of heal-happy shaman and stab-happy rogue would be glad to attend if the schedule should happen to work out
I think we can work something out there maybe, just need to work some slots around to accommodate the two of ya oryx Smile Thanuist consider yourself hired. BB we are going to have you on an alternate list for now, had two other warlocks step up just before you. If a slot opens up you are on first string in.
Okey, so time has been changed to 7-10 to accommodate the oryx and zlinka. Still need a decently geared OT preferably of the fuzzy persuasion, but a warrior will do just as well if a lil bit stretched on some bosses we would have them tanking (jan'alai and halazzi just scream behr)
I think Cora and I can manage to show up occasionally.

I -still- haven't even been inside ZA.
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Who look down and dance with the shifting of the soil,
Who swim with the movement of the tides!
That would be great, though I hate to say we probably would not have room for coranda without displacing another healer.
Roster as it stands

Tanks: Yaeth

Healers: Aedelweiss, Oryx, tabraus

DPS: Thanuist, Umu or Gholjan, grommash, Tetsumis(tabraus), Zlinka, Zuipol

Backup: Bloodbound, Jaba, Ziikido, Eveline

Going to be going with umu and gholjan on alternating weeks for now, will make a permanent decision on the position after have seen both in action. Also depending on how the dps is, will have tab healing or dpsing as tet. If we have Amato that fills out the core group.

Thank you for taking the initiative on this! I've yet to venture inside Zul'Aman, and would be very interested. Archmage Artamir has expressed interest as well.

I hope to be able to attend in the coming weeks!

Got a shocking new offer last night. Elyana graciously offered the use of some of the main BB troops if we wished to go tonite, I think I am going to take ely up on that offer. So if any of you wish to come tonite, contact me before 7 server time or be at the gates of ZA by then. That is all.


apparently there has been a mix up in the schedule, the reset was thought to happen on thursday and not friday, which would have allowed them to come. As it is now, unless we have a tank for tonite the "pre-event" will not happen.
Jiv can OT if needed, I'll be unable to attend Elys raid Thurs.
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If it's tonight I can go, cannot make thursday, though
Aye, going to do a pre-run basically tonite since we will have jiv. Thursday is his normal raid day, which he is missing this week. Thanks jiv, wish I saw this post earlier.
Thanks to all who came to the pre-run, you guys were pure awesomesauce! If we keep that awesomeness up we will be seeing bears in a few weeks.

Also just a reminder, next tuesday is the full start, 7pm-10pm server. Come prepared to get Jan'alai back for stalling us last time.

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