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I am Tanzyre Mephitis and would like to join
1) Scout Tanzyre Mephitis
2) Shaman
3) Noone, I'm sad to say
4) Greetings, I am Tanzyre Mephitis, a 42 season orcish shaman under Thrall. There's little I'm comfortable with sharing on my past history at the moment. Though I suppose such details can be brough to light after a time.
6) Just one. The Blades of Sargeras. This was a attempt of infiltration to gleen any possible threats to the Horde and report them to Thrall, having impressed him already with my infiltration of Burning Blade. I'm sad to say that I could not gain enough information to report back and recently removed due to my lack of desire to push for their ends.
7) A friend of mine, Galerunner, and the witnessing of one of the guild meetings taking place in BloodHoof Village. I am most interested in learning more and maybe joining up.
8) My greatest trial.. A tricky question, sure enough. Any of them could be told about my various incursions into the darkest places apon Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. From my first entrance into the Wailing Caverns and assisting the sleeping druid, to my battles against the Scarlet Order, and wrenching the Hand of Righteousness from the cold grip of leader of the Cathedral. At current I believe my most difficult one so far has been successfully aquiring the head of the lich deep in RazorFen Downs. I am quite sure there will be many more to come. I started my life as a Shaman and nothing else, for it's the only path I've ever desired to take.
9) Current Goals, as stated in the last point would be getting the Lich's head. For more yet more is to bathe myself in the glory of the Horde and make a name for myself apon the Battlegrounds we are called into.
10) My path as a shaman. Being able to heal even while I stand toe to toe with my enemies and swing with the fury of the Wind. Incursions into the deepest dungeons in service to the Horde, assisting others in any way I can manage.
11) I've read the Code of Conduct and agree to the rules stated within.
I hope I didn't misread the final point on the application, but here's my reply to my post..

'I have read the Code of Conduct, and agree to it's terms.'
Throm'ka Tanzyre. I hope to see you at next weeks moot! ((hope you aren't trying to infiltrate us!!!))
Haha! Don't you worry. I've had my fill of infiltrating line of work. I'd rather just be a happyish go luckyish type of shamanish.

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