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I Have Returned
Hello everyone

I imagine most of you don't know me and well theres a reason. A day after I joined the tribe real life stuff took ahold of me and I wasn't able to play as much for a long time. At first I thought it would only be a couple of weeks but then after being away from the game so much I lost interest in ever returning.

So two months later the pull of this great game has me back and I love it even more. I'd like to thank Sreng for keeping me around and Merrina for helping me get reaquanted with the game. She also helped me get started on all the high end dungeons I need to visit too.

Also I think I'm going to write up an "in-character" story about my absence. Jenris has a big history ( lead a guild of bandits and Pirates with karnages's alt Merroo as my right hand man too !! , played a role in the Rotten Luck civil war etc.....) So I think I'll occupy myself with that While I wait for the servers to come up again.

Later Tribe
Welcome back! I look forward to seeing you online!
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
I am glad to see you back. I was also glad to help, that is what the Tribe is about, after all.
No more 'breaks' for you! Wink

Welcome back, my friend!

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