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I Be Hacked :'(
Just wanted to let people know that my account has been compromised. Someone (not myself) added an authenticator to my account so i can't log in. not sure if they did anything else but i just thought you guys should know.
I got a whisper from one of your friends, trying to contact on officer for ya. Sorry this happened, I hope not too much damage is done to your account.
Thank you so much. I looked my toons up on the armory and it doesn't look like im missing anything, they just made those annoying gold spammer guys. Sorry to everyone if they stole anything from the guild vault
Can you list all your chars that are guilded with Ironsong?
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
It's just Kureei, my other guys are alliance
I did notice yesterday (day before yesterday?) that the guild vault was significantly lighter. I informed an officer via /ooc and got a good solid "will be handled" response.

Anyone who hasn't logged in recently might want to double check their account.

Also, authenticators are wonderful, especially if you have a "private guild" for banking / sharing purposes, or are saving up your many pennies for Cataclysm purchases.
There was a suggestion made that we should set a restriction allowing only those members with authenticators acess to the bank...seeing how we've been plagued with hacks lately. Just throwing it out there to see what others may say on it.
JettaNyx Wrote:There was a suggestion made that we should set a restriction allowing only those members with authenticators acess to the bank...seeing how we've been plagued with hacks lately. Just throwing it out there to see what others may say on it.
Going to throw my 2 coppers in the column of "No" for the suggestion of making the guild bank only accessible to members with the authenticator.
It appears this thread has evolved into a different topic. I will answer with reasoning, and not just give a simple "No".

Over the several hacks that we have had, the guild itself has shown tremendous generosity and we have never really felt the effects of it, except maybe the first time when EVERYTHING was taken. In an effort to limit the damage, Sreng I believe, has put a rather small limit of withdrawals for members in each tab. Because of the minimal daily withdrawals it is something that doesn't affect us greatly, it doesn't seem necessary to "force" those that have never been hacked and don't own an authenticator, to get one to be able to access public goods. Some members are unable to afford one and its not fair to punish the innocent, No?

I had a look at the guild bank last night and it doesn't look much different from 5 days ago...besides. They are just items and this is just a game. If members own and iPod touch and/or a Blackberry I believe, then Authenticators are free applications for those devices Smile

Members just need to be diligent, do regular scans for trojans, malware, and spyware, don't go to suspicious websites pertaining to WoW, type the actual website address if you know it rather than Googling it etc.
While I think we should have a tab for "autheticator" only so we don't lose big-ticket items to hackers, I would also note that the authenticator is somewhere close to six dollars and would argue against anyone who said they cannot afford one.

A lot of sentiment has come over the /ooc channel that nobody bothers to put anything of "real value" in the guild bank due to the increased number of hacks coming as we approach the expansion. I think this fair opinion will slowly kill the usefulness of the guild bank and should be addressed.

Caveat: I have an authenticator, take that as something influencing my opinion.
I am breaking my own personal rule by responding to this...First of all, its unfair for you to imply that 6 dollars is not a lot of money...because to some families, it is.

Secondly, players are not obligated to put items in the guild bank, it is a luxury Blizzard has given us and one most have contributed financially in game to acquire to put any items we feel others may use in there. If they fear that we will get hacked, and it stolen then don't put it in...its as simple as that.

Yes, I understand that it sucks and is a bit of an inconvenience when a member gets hacked, but its just a game! Hackers are extremely clever and it will ALWAYS happen, no matter what. Live in fear or carry on with acceptance...

As for an authenticator only tab....I don't think its possible without creating a unique rank within the guild specifically for those with authenticators...I have never been a guild leader and don't know the security options that are available.
As far as my knowledge goes it would be unimplementable and outright unfair in addition to being just a little silly. I don't have an authenticator and I have never been officially "hacked" (outside of a bitter former friend who thought it'd be cool to get on my/other accounts and fart around).

It sucks when people get hacked 4 reel, I get that, but to play with the GB over something like it is silly. We can only withdraw 10 stacks a day at most ranks in the guild, it's only virtual items, and anything of incredible value can be restored. If you're that paranoid about items being stolen hang onto those uber important things and advertise that you have it instead.

In addition to having create separate ranks (which btw I believe we have no spare ones hanging around) there's no way you could make members "prove" that they have one. It would be based on good faith. Hey, wait, but good faith is what our GB system is run on already. We all have faith that our other members will only take what they need and at some point put something else in to let the circle continue on. We have faith that our other members run virus scans, don't click wonky links, etc etc.

TL;DR pick up the pieces and carry on. At the end of every expansion hacks surge because of the sneaky new ways hackers try to get account info.
i talked to blizzard today and they're gonna replace the missing stuff for us, yay!
Kureei Wrote:i talked to blizzard today and they're gonna replace the missing stuff for us, yay!

They are pretty good about it. I am glad they were able to assist you so quickly.

Big Grin

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