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1. Hymnburger
2. Tauren Paladin
3. I seek to protect those who would follow me into battle.
4. Having bested Ragnaros in his Molten Core, I have claimed not only his war hammer Sulfuras as my own, but also the blade Thunderfury from his minions.
5. I accept your Code of Conduct... for the HORDE!

As a Player (sorry It's taken me so long to type this. RL has been...interesting):
1. I have been with Demon Knights since Burning Crusade, and many of my alts are still in that guild. Sadly, with Cata, many members of DK quit, and I have been looking for a new group to raid with. It’s been months since I’ve seen another member of that guild online
2. I am looking for a guild to raid with and help out as best I can.
3. I have been playing since Burning Crusade
4. I tend to play at nights, but normally not after 11 PM
5. I am a profession junkie. I have several alts outside of Ironsong and between them all, I currently have every profession mastered. If anyone requires potions, flasks, transmutes, or anything crafted, please ask. I’m also a rare mount/pet chaser, so any time there’s talk of earning a mount from older raids (be it rare drops or earned by achievements) I’m in.

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