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Hunter talents and spells
What does everyone think? I like the snake trap, but the 41 talent abilities seem kind of lame.
I've been looking at them on and off today....yeah the snake trap looks good, but still not sure about them yet. Guess we will see soon...
Been playing around with the talent tree some: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/clas...1310531311
I guess that would be the survival build. It is strange you can only put 1 talent into master tactician to get readiness.

I don't know if silencing shot is worth it for marksmanship. But talk about cool for the beastmaster end talent. That really makes me consider going beastmaster again.
The question is, if your going beastmaster spec, do you go 20 into survival or 20 into marksman?
Marksman: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/clas...0000000000

Survival: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/clas...0000000000

The Beast/Survival build looks pretty week. That Beast/Marks build has me salivating though. :wink: Time to be beastmaster again.

Of course, a 41 survival build still looks godly. But beastmaster is looking better.

Aye, was looking more at the beast/marks...i am already marks specked and love it...
I had just gone through the talents and still quite confused. I know it was a thin line they had to walk on them, but did they have to make it that thin?

Oh and another thing, I just gotta say I have M*#!*@*# had it with these [email protected](*^$% snakes in these M#*[email protected]#(( Traps


Sorry had to do it. I do kinda like the survivalist idea, but wonder on its feasibility. What big cooldowns do the hunters have. Well I guess it woudl be good for a second FD right away. Still I need to think it out more.
Cage is currently 30/21 BM/Marks. I think The Beast Within looks good enough to give up Scattershot for, although losing that will be painful. But still, 30% extra dmg every 2 minutes is very nice...

Also, I'd think if you go BM, Ferocious Inspiration is a Must Have. One could go BM and finally have a noticable buff to contribute to a party/raid. Plus, it stacks well with Unleashed Fury/Ferocity/Frenzy, even with the 5% reduction to Ferocity ( Sad ), as well as Kill Command and Focused Fire.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/bc-hunter/talents.html?5120320052501005310510550001000000000000023000030000000000000000">http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/cla ... 0000000000</a><!-- m -->

That's probably what I'll end up going with, if I choose to stick with mainly BM. (1 point extra, could go wherever.)

But then again, the high end Marks stuff looks very cool. Lots of nice stat and AP increases that would scale *very* nicely and make for a very strong DPS, and of course Trueshot Aura will always help a party/raid.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/bc-hunter/talents.html?5020000000000000000005550001105013253135123000030000000000000000">http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/cla ... 0000000000</a><!-- m -->

That's what I'd go with if I decide to amp up my Marks more.

I'm torn though... I really like pets, and I like BM more from a RP standpoint. But then, Marks would be better in raids and whatnot. Bah... must keep poking around and thinking.

p.s., I believe with the first BM spec, when Frenzy procced on my ZG Bat, he'd be attacking with a .5 (!!!) attack speed! Yikes! There's a very good chance that he could just keep chain-frenzying and therefore keeping Ferocious Inspiration up pretty much non-stop... not to mention the stacking increases to his overall damage. Pretty cool stuff.

Blah blah blah...
What fun! I don't feel left out anymore. Smile The "Animal Handler" talent intrests me, if only because I like going faaaaast! I like the concept of "Ferocious Inspiration", too, if only because I'll finally be able to give my friends a buff other than "Aspect of the Pack", which is nice until someone gets stunned.

Yeeeaaah... sticking with Beast Master.

The snake trap amuses me, also.
Well, I'm definately doing a 41/20 build when I get to level 70. From what I've been able to reason, MM is the only tree that has any worth as a 20 talent point tree.

So: I'll either be 41surviival and 20 marksman and be a god among men with a crappy pet,
Or I'll be 41beast and 20 marksman for hopefully a very powerful pet and a very fast attack speed. I like how some of the Beastmaster talents boost you and your pets stats now(the armor and health one).
Oh, btw... Entrapment in Alterac Valley is friggin' uber. Every time I get hit with that in PvP, I start fiddling with the talent calculators to see how I can get a hold of it. Wink

Nevertheless, I'm of the opinion that I wouldn't really want to go too far into survival without going at least to 30 points in order to increase my AGI. Not getting Lightning Reflexes and jutting some points in there just to increase traps or whatever just seems too siuational for me, and doesn't really jive with how I play. :?

And yeah, agreed, nice that they're giving the BM spec a sense of synergy between you and your pet. Now, if only Spirit Bond was better...
I'm still not sure...liking the idea of keeping my Marks....but maybe adding more to beast...but what you guys have shown looks tempting.
I'm quite excited about Misdirection, as well... it is, as far as I can tell, the only spell that allows a player to increase the tank's threat level! That is good for our hunters, of course, but it's also huge for everybody else, because it means our DPS classes can put out more damage without pulling off the tank.

I can imagine using it in lots of situations -- soloing, to pump up my pet's threat; 5-man, to help the tank hold aggro against big heals or DPS; and in raids, where I could easily imagine a hunter misdirection rotation.
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Someone else got a skill like that, was it pallies?
Hm, no, paladins got a directed taunt ("Come to the defense of a friendly target, commanding up to 3 enemies attacking the target to attack the Paladin instead.").
Oryx - Jadox - Koryx - Atorax - Cabochon - Hargrim - Morwen - Stillweaver - Talindrys
Hunter pulling will be silken now.

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