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Hunter offer
Just wanted to make the offer to any hunter, main or alt, if you would like me to take some time and assess your gear, talents, or anything else that can help you and your DPS, please ask.

I think the guide I wrote here, the many external hunter-centric links, and the easy gear idea forum topics should help - but sometimes folks need a personal touch.

Drop me a line here or online and I will do what I can.

- Phoronid.
Are you raiding as BM now? If so, how is it performing for you? Also, any tips on how to woo hot mages?
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]
I raid as survival now, as my ten man needs me to do it for the replenishment and I like to stay in the same spec for 10 and 25 man for practice and shot pattern reasons.

Also, they changed some of the duplicate raid buffs so now Ferocious Inspiration is duplicated by more common buffs from other classes, making it lass useful then replenishment (or TSA for Marksman). Which really takes away the raid benefit which countered the 10% less base personal DPS from BM.

As far as dating tips go, I would suggest getting a pink pet. But I would also suggest that you stay away from my hot mage. *growl*

- Phoronid.
Well you have the first step: long pretty hair. I also recommend chocolate and hunter macros.
I'm game. Just drop me a line when you see me (I'm likely to forget). Your recommended rotation has made a large improvement in my DPS but from what you mentioned to me before in private I could still be doing better. I keep meaning to thank you but...bad memory. (Aracna, MM spec.)
Happy to! I'll take a look ASAP.

I'll start by looking at your armory and making specific thoughts on armor and spec. Also, take a look at the guide on this hunter forum for more general ideas.

- Phoro.

Edit: Can I request you log out in your raiding gear next time? *grin* Simple Black Dress =/= Raiding Chest piece. *wink*

Posting here so others can benefit and add advice as well. Tell me if you are feeling shy and want me to remove this reply.

As I noted above, I can’t comment too much on gear until I see your raiding set, you logged out in mostly RP gear.

I am going to assume that the few pieces that are not RP or blank are your raiding gear for those slots, but if they are not, I will edit the comment later.

Talent Spec:

Your spec is excellent. Cookie cutter Marksman. Good work. There are some adjustments that some folks make here and there for a point or two, but I say stick with your current spec 100%


You have two +hit trinkets. Just be aware that ANY points in hit over 263 are totally and completely wasted, might as well not be on the gear points. While I own both the trinkets you are using, I use neither of them when raiding, as my hit is well over 263 even when I try and reduce it. While I cannot see your other gear until you log out in your raid set, this was a red flag that you might have very wasted points.


Go level this to 450! Alchemy has a FREE mana potion and FREE health potion that you can use every two minutes, really increasing your potential DPS at NO added money cost. Also, it has a FREE flask that you can have up 24/7. My baby mage has 450 Alchemy and my DPS on that toon skyrocketed just due to less mana issues and no personal delay if I should use a mana pot, since it is endless, free, and has no cost after making it. Also, free flask = free money!


Get this to 450! Lifeblood is wonderful for staying alive and is also free. Yes, we have awesome healers in the raid, but any help they can get is appreciated. Alive hunter DPS = better then dead hunter DPS.


Get rid of your volley glyph. You shouldn’t even have mana issues on trash. (Volley time).

You NEED Serpent Sting Glyph. No argument, it is KEY for a marksman build.

Your other two should be off the following list, your choice:: Kill Shot, Hawk, Chimera Shot, Aimed Shot, True Shot Aura, Hunter's Mark, Steady Shot.

Note: Right now, you have the Hunter’s Mark glyph, but not improved hunters mark.

I would say to drop that glyph also. My recommendation would be Kill Shot glyph for sure, since boss fight damage is more important then anything else.

Gear that I could see:

Critical needs:

You NEED a new neckpiece. 200 gear level is no longer even close to the standard.

I put another post up about places to easily get upgrades, but in short, go get the Onyxia 25 man neckpiece (Onyxia’s head) or the 232 out of Heroic PoS (Garfrost), unless you have a different 245 or higher piece laying around.

If you are using the 200 piece for hit reasons, then I would suggest using a higher end neckpiece with hit and replacing a trinket or two. There are some excellent trinkets out there to replace the hit ones.

<!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.ironsongtribe.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=5216">viewtopic.php?f=50&t=5216</a><!-- l -->


Your headpiece is mis-gemmed. Stun duration is pointless in PvE when compared to damage abilities.

I recommend: Meta: Relentless Earthsiege Diamond
To fulfill your meta: Nightmare Tear. Personally, I like to put this in my hat with the meta. Every other gem in your gear should be +20 agility.

Very nice gear:

Your cloak is obviously new and very nice!
Don’t forget to gem it (+20 agility) and enchant it (Major Agility).

Oh, and those are some sweet gloves you picked up yesterday in VoA.
Don’t forget to gem and enchant them. They should be close to best in slot.

Shot rotation idea:

You said the new rotation helped, which is awesome to hear.

I would also suggest a keyboard set-up to make shot rotation easier:

Key 1) Serpent Sting (and watch the boss debuffs carefully for when to renew it)
Key 2) Silencing Shot (or simply macro this into your other shots, since it doesn’t trigger global cooldown)
Key 3) Chimera Shot
Key 4) Kill Shot (I also attach a /petattack macro, but I am picky about my pet management)
Key 5) Aimed Shot
Key 6) Multi Shot (use 6 or 5 depending on the fight)
Key 7) Arcane Shot
Key 8) Steady Shot
Key 9-0) Rapid Fire / Readiness (Remember to use these in order. Once Rapid Fire is over, Readiness and Rapid Fire again right away, or you lose cool down time!)

Other Keys – Play with your style, but I typically put cooldown DPS skills here, like trinkets, racials, and such. You might think of making these for the endless mana potion and your Blood Elf mana racial.

Just fire whichever shot is closest to Key 1 and available. (With the exception of watching the boss for the serpent sting timing)

Pet: I'll have to wait to see your raiding pet, but remember - ferocity, ferocity, ferocity pet!

I’ll take a look at gear and pet when I can see them, and don’t forget to practice!

Thanks for the opportunity to help!

- Phoronid
I know I'm over hit cap, but those are the only two trinkets I have and they were a huge upgrade for me from what I had earlier. So until I get something better, like the necklace thats what I'll be using.

Well...the helmet has that gem because its A meta slot and i picked that one out for the +42AP. But I'll talk to my JC about changing it out.

I"ll log out in my reg gear tonight. I just got the cape and gloves and got them gemmed today. I'm working on getting them enchanted (Venera has been doing that for me). the pants are t9, the chest piece i got from HToC (Super lucky on that one..got that the same afternoon I hit 80). The belt...it was a drop from somewhere, I think ToC or VoA.

I've always gotten confused with the glyphs so thanks for the recommendations there, I'll talk to my inscriber about getting some new ones made up.

Pet...is the spider. I know its cunning and that's more for pvp than raiding.... but this is still a concept character. I love you guys and do appreciate the advice, but the spider stays.

.....and I think that's it. Thanks for the help Smile
Oh...and the alchemy/herbalism is a work in progress. I never got into any of the other professions while leveling and even afterward...so just out of boredom I tried those and I am enjoying it. I've only been doing it a few days though...maybe a week a most. That last little bit before 300 is driving me nuuuuts.
(ugh, typed a huge reply and lost it at the last moment to computer error... Okay, trying again.)


Trinket - I would highly recommend looking up some easy to get DPS options if the trinket +hit is over cap lost numbers. Even if a lower gear score, it can end up being a big DPS gain. A couple of emblem examples could be the <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.wowhead.com/?item=40684">http://www.wowhead.com/?item=40684</a><!-- m --> or <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50355">http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50355</a><!-- m -->. Also, there is a grand trinket in FoS, along with other great 232 gear.

Neck piece - Even the <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.wowhead.com/?item=45820">http://www.wowhead.com/?item=45820</a><!-- m --> might be a good option, if not running PoS to get the nice 232 option for Garfrost.

Pet - While I clearly understand the awesome importance of pet in a hunter role play concept (Phoeni being a major part of Phoronid's back story), I am going to have to politely disagree with the use of a cunning pet in a raid situation. Let me see if I can explain:

Hunters have 5 stable spots and a remote call ability, meaning that we never have to worry about pet access. Due to Blizzard programming and the place of hunters, the raid, and guild in general, is severely in need of our class doing as much DPS as possible in the raid or we end up not only failing at progression. We would also be placing Sbin specifically in the *very* frustrating position of either trying to run an increasingly angry and depressed raid which is trapped at certain bosses, like the gear check bosses, or he has to choose to not take guild mates on what will doubtlessly be incredible role play opportunities as we do wondrous deeds as a guild. Just as we can't beat a boss if Kosath is wearing a cloth hat, or if the paladin healers are in all attack power plate, we need the hunters to be creating every bit of damage possible. Anywho, I end up roleplaying in /gu with Phoeni, even if I am raiding with my cat. Smile

Also, I honestly and truly want to avoid any guild resentment towards you personally by any guild raid members (or out of guild friends) in the raid who may see your choice to willingly lower your DPS as a key reason that they are being denied the full raiding/game experience that should be possible with this group. (When we get stuck on certain bosses, like Festergut). Honestly, I have many times seen that sort of resentment explode in a guild before, aimed at one person or a couple of people, and would hate to see it here. Unlike shot rotation or gear details, pet choice is kind of an obvious target.

There are, however, also some wonderful and unique roleplay ferocity pets, like the moth and wasp. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.wow-petopia.com/html/skills/talents_ferocity.html">http://www.wow-petopia.com/html/skills/ ... ocity.html</a><!-- m -->

Alchemy - I would recommend flying over Hellfire Peninsula, as it has many of the highest end Azeroth herbs as well as Felweed, and an easier way to get to and past 300. Same for the leap to Northrend herbs.

Hope that all helps!

- Phoronid

p.s. practice is also key to getting used to any changes, like new shot priority.
*Sigh* Fine. I'll get a wolf. But I want it noted its only for the raid, Player and character are unhappy about it.
Good to see!

In the end, the choice is a simple one for all of us in a role play guild:

Either guild progress, success, and 25 people experiencing every aspect of the game, or personal-only character choices that lower the ability to add to the team. I would rather take anything that both helps the team and lowers the stress of the most stressful 'jobs' in WoW: Raid leadership and guild leadership.

I'll take a look at other gear slots once I have time and armory updates.

- Phoro.
Thanks to Phoronid for looking out for Sbin's sanity.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
On Alchemy, what you should really be shooting for is to get to 435, so that you can craft your own flasks. Once you get the ability to create them, they will gain the benefit of [spell]Mixology[/spell]. You won't be using the free flasks to raid with. Real flasks are still superior. Also, Alchemy's Transmute spec (quest from Burning Crusade) and herbalism can be profitable if you need Mula... I mean money.

What I did when I got my wolf was go to Storm Peaks and capture one that was already L80 (named StuntDouble Big Grin ). Then I went to Hellfire Ramparts to get the wolf I wanted to keep. I used StuntDouble for raids until I had levelled up my "good" wolf in my spare time. The only bad part is that it takes up 2 stable slots while levelling the 2nd wolf.
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]
Leveling pets is much easier now. Krell pulled out one of his older pets (was level 70) and it instantly leveld to 75 (hooray for that addition) and in the span of a little more than 1 instance he has 76. So it would not be unusual to grab a new pet, and then run some random dungeons for a couple days and easily have it 80.
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