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How may I help you?
Well, like the title says, how may I help you?

I've been thinking, and hard. Something I don't do very often, so bathe in the glory that is the knowledge of he that is I! *Flashing lights and sounds and all that jazz*

OK! To my point. Several points actually.

1) Because of our progress in the Core, which I must say is quite amazing, I have decided to renew my love of film-making and purchase the full version of FRAPS to film our fights. I will be testing this out this Wednesday, and on Friday. If all goes well and I don't lag into Ironforge while filming, I'll be making videos for all of our enjoyment. (Hope you all enjoy my music selection =) *evil cackles*)

2) I've also been looking into a way to keep better track of who has what sort of roll. Now, I downloaded the EQDKP system and I may be able to find a way to make it so instead of tracking points, it will track the weighted rolls instead. This will also allow for folks to go into a page where you can see the item the person has won without fumbling thru search engines. Now, this looks like it'll cost money, but not much. Just as long as there's someway I can even figure out how to do that, and then attach it to this page.

3) I'd also like to add this in while I'm blabbing incoherently. I had this neato idea that came to me in a dream..freaky one at that. Hopefully soon, I will be starting open invitations to "Nevlag's Grand 'Ol Duke-it-out Fest." This is kinda like the Gurubashi Arena nights that have been brought up, but this would be our own little Duel Tournament. Each month or bi-weekly (haven't thought it out), I would hose a Tournament in a special location to see who is the strongest Ironsong dueler at the time! (THis would also be open to any of our friends.) There would be prizes, and eventually, if all goes well, a Round Robin tournament of the best-of-the-best. Prizes can include Nexus Shards, strait Gold, rare items, or free enchants on my Priest's part.

That's it for now..I'm all woozy and wobbly from typing and Oi! my back is breaking.

*Falls over on the floor and drools from the mouth*

Bye for now, Tribe!
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1. Filming our raids - how exciting.
2. Check with Kretol about the weighted rolls tracking system.
3. The Dueling festival would be fun.
Vote Akora for MA!
I actually used to host tournaments like what you described once upon a time in another land. It was great fun and would love to see something like that get set up. Would be very interesting to see how our people do against each other just for fun. Big Grin Also, things like this can be used as a learning tool to help those that like to PvP and duel become better at those things.
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Dueling, rawr!
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