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How many people are interested but not currently in a Grp?
I'm entertaining the idea of starting another raid grp for Kara, I don't have much experience there as I have only been twice, but there seems to be alot of people still looking for a grp.

Quite a few of us recently got keyed.. If you are at all interested please let me know. Right now raiding times and days are completely open. (most of those that I have spoken to already are on the East Coast) so primarily early evenings, Fridays and Weekends work best for us,, but this can be discussed.

Also if you are not keyed we are more than willing to help work on your keys.

Current interested parties

Mordeous - Holy Priest
Amarragna - Prot Warrior
Deathwalker - Lock (all the same account)

Knat - Fire Mage

Deathfalcon - Lock
eya this is naamah, I think we talked a bit in the game about this. I am looking for a kara group, I ma on the server time. Also i am mostly available weekends. Also my pal Mightybull got his def rating up to 490 and is looking for a group for kara also, mightybull is a good guy. There were a few others i had talked to including Keldae who were interested but i haven't really ever grouped with her so I have no idea if she is ready for it or what.

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