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How does your character regard other races and their own?
I remember this type of thread on the Silver Hand forums long ago, and I felt it'd be fun to start it on our own forums.

Basically, just tell us how either your main character or any assortment of your characters regard the other races of Azeroth.

For example, you could list them, like so:

Orcs -
Trolls -
Tauren -
Forsaken -
Blood Elves -
Humans -
Night Elves -
Gnomes -
Dwarves -
Draenei -

Or you could format it differently. Be creative however you wish!

I'll add in my own when I get a chance. Typing up how Kretol regards all the races will probably take me a bit, and it's already 4:30 in the morning! >.<
Wakaraina - Yes, in the end, I have deliberately crafted an character who judges individuals, not races. I don't really do well with racism in- or out-of-game. These would, thus, probably be more accurately considered "faction" stereotypes than "race" stereotypes.

Playable Races -
Tauren, Orcs, Trolls, Humans, Gnomes - Zey're just zese guys, you know?
Undead - Creeeeeepy, bony little things (though there are plenty of friendly, bony little exceptions)
Arthas' Undead - More-or-less equivalent to sheep.
Horde Blood Elves - Arrogant, but will likely prove useful.
Kael'Thas Blood Elves - Arrogant, and they have proven themselves pretty darn evil.
Night Elves - They've made some different choices, but especially after their sacrifice at Hyjal, they are brothers and sisters. Kalimdor and the Circle would not be the same without them, and they also share all of their Druidic secrets. No, they don't necessarily get along with the rest of the Horde, but they should be respected and allied with.
Dwarves - A people with a healthy respect for the lessons of history, Wakaraina worked with these people on a dig for ancient Tauren artifacts.
Dranei - Waka is allied with the Aldor, mostly because she's never met a bad Dranei, unlike those Scryers. The Dranei have hardly made an impression on her yet. Their shoes fit well.

NPC Races -
Pandaren - Where have all the fuzzy things gone?
Furbolgs - These are the people who need to be saved.
Ogres - Need to lay off the steroids and calm down. If they start a fight, she will end it.
Naga - Another people who have proven their underhandedness. As always, Waka is willing to see exceptions,.
Centaurs - Even here, there is an exception for the Magram Clan Centaur. What started out as a way to relieve the pressures in Desolace turned into a true understanding that these people can be reasoned with.
The Broken/Kurenai - An extremely honorable people who share a plight with the orcs. They have been repeatedly enslaved and have found their own way among the peoples of Draenor.
The Mag'Har - She has never met one besides Rexxar before, who was honored on Azeroth. (I'm just starting Garadar now).
this is how Mokimi feels....shes an honorable hunter with a side sense of humor and respects both friends and foes....Shes a Hunter of the Horde but will help the Alliance against a common enemy without question. She respects and honors her enemys when they are victorious and when they are defeated....Honor and Compassion....Rarely does she feel hatred.

Orcs - Honored Higher than all other races (she is an Orc)
Troll - Strange that dont speak normally but honored ally
Tauren - Honored and respected for their regards to nature and the "Earthmother"
Forsaken - Respected for defying death and fighting as an ally
Blood Elves - respected and honored, *mumbles* Greedy mana eaters
Humans - Honored Enemy, respected on an individual basis...some are very very nasty...others are extremely kind
Night Elves - Honored enemy, as a hunter i respect them and their regard for nature
Gnome - I dont eat them but promote others to eat them....Not liked but respected for their ability to survive a Tauren Warrior.
Dwarves - Respected for their craftsmanship, again an Honored enemy
Draenei - Honored and Respected Enemy...survived through great odds...
All right, for my two most commonly-played characters:

In general, Qaza tries to judge more on a person-to-person basis, but as diplomatic as she tries to be, she does think in achetypes a bit.

Orcs - She knows they are the foundation of the Horde, and she feels she owes them a lot, and they have proven to be formidable leaders. She tends to think of Fel Orcs and the like as something completely separate.

Troll - Although Qaza is proud of her culture, she distrusts trolls the most out of the Horde.

Tauren - Qaza's still not sure what to make of this race, as every time she starts to think she understands them, something new comes into play. She considers them to be fairly reliable, however.

Forsaken - Some of Qaza's closest friends are Forsaken, and she prefers thier company.

Blood Elves - Although she tries to keep an open mind, any time she has pleasant dealings with a Blood Elf, Qaza finds herself waiting for the other shoe to drop...

Humans - So long as the interactions are civil, Qaza doesn't mind humans being around.

Night Elves - Qaza thinks of them as a bit haughty and deluded, but feels thier hearts are generally in the right place.

Gnome - Gnome-befuddling has become a sport for Qaza, but she play nicely.

Dwarves - Qaza really hasn't seen enough Dwarves to decide what she thinks of them.

Draenei - The few that she has met were polite and friendly, and Qaza hopes they will continue to be as such.

Heari's thoughts on other races tends to be more crude and simplified...

Orcs - Speak the common languge far too quickly for Heari to full y understand, so he's constantly frustrated with them.

Troll (Darkspear) - Weaklings who have given up some perfectly good traditions just to make thier "leader" happy. He hasn't got the nerve to say it to thier face, though.

Troll (Bloodscalp) - Family, regardless of the fact that he has been exiled. He'd rather trust them than anyone else.

Troll (Other) - Considered fair game for attack, harrassment, cooking, and/or burning.

Tauren - More or less too big to start trouble around, with no sense of humor. (At least, not Heari's sense of humor.)

Forsaken (Fo'sak'ed) - Completely inedible, but they generally speak the common language slow and clear enough for Heari to understand, so he tends to be more patient with them. Heari's "Priestess", Legn, falls into this category as well.

Forsaken/Undead (Zambis) - Also completely inedible, but also completely untrustworthy and terrifying. Heari sorts any not-quite-living things he meets into one of these two categories, regardless of their acutal affiliation.

Blood Elves - Heari has a hard time seeing the difference between Blood Elves and Night Elves (they're all "effs" to him), and is still struggling with why, all of the sudden, he's not allowed to hit and/or eat them.

Humans - Food.

Night Elves - Snobby food.

Gnome - Fast food.

Dwarves - Food that bites back.

Draenei - A complete mystery, but probably foregin food.
My character is by nature biggoted against most other races. He is not known for playing well with others (those who hear me on vent might see a difference from the real me of course)) So he does have a rather opinionated view of the other races.

Orcs - The race of the proud, his own people. Damoxian knows they have risen from adversity to become something great and to lead something great through these times of war and strife. Honorable and forthright, willing to put everything on the line - he has no end of respect for his own race.

Troll - Damoxian is somewhat non-commital on trolls, he doesn't despise them nearly as readily as he does some races, nor does he particularly think of them as equal. This is one race that is taken on a case by case basis more than others.

Tauren - Despite the fact that he will give a hard time to several of this race, Damoxian has no inherant dislike of the Tauren race. The two cultures share a great deal in common - though Damoxian does find their devotion to the earth mother a bit quaint, especially given his own source of power.

Forsaken - Damoxian has no like of the Forsaken, they more than any other race of the Horde must prove themselves through blood and deed to gain the Warlock's respect. Since they are former humans, they have the seeds of all that was wrong with Damoxian's formative years - and he can only forgive those who have shown true and forthright dedication to the Horde and to himself - that list has perhaps three names on it.

Blood Elves - Oddly enough Damoxian would rather associate with a night elf than he generally would with one of these blood elves. They smell too much like the orcs did before they fell completely, addicted to something they value even more than they do their own honor. The blood elves were not Thrall's wisest choice and Damoxian questions the motivations of his Warchief over their admission into his Horde.

Humans - Humans deserve nothing more than extermination for the time that they held the orcs locked up as little more than living dogs. Damoxian will not factor in his races own failings and misdeeds to give humanity credit, he will just hate them with more intensity and passion than he does any other race in existance. Never will the chains of man bind him or one of his people while he draws breath - that is the Honor that even a self obsessed and sometimes petty Warlock will cling too in the face of any adversary.

Night Elves - They obsess over their trees too much and their people are all to willing to conflict with his own. They are almost a dismissed presence since Damoxian took his place amongst the outlands, a bland enemy to be slain more for their desire to ally with humanity than any particular loathing for them.

Gnome - A near comical race of weaklings, but Damoxian has a penchant for crafting some of their engineering goods from time to time. That he can respect, even as he loathes them as a race of small leg rapists.

Dwarves - As enemy races go, the dwarves it would seem to Damoxian are perhaps the most worthy of respect. They too are a hard and proud people who retain a sense of honor. That they joined with the alliance and the humans in particular are the main reasons that he will thwart them as often as he can, especially when they do battle with the frostwolves in Alteraac.

Draenei - A has been race that was scattered before the Orcs long ago. That they now have emerged to battle with the orcs once more is not a particularly worrying thing to Damoxian. In his own twisted view they had proved to be too soft in the past, perhaps now that the orcs have instilled into them a backbone they might prove to be the worthy foes they failed to be before.

The demonic races- Never think that a warlock must love those he uses in battle. For all the power that he has harnessed from them, Damoxian despises demons as deeply as he does humanity. They too once put a collar around the neck of the Orc's and drove them from their place as a great people. Damoxian would use one of his most hated foes to fight the other but he has always been careful not to trust or rely on them fully. The warlock walks a dangerouse tightrope where upon he has sacrificed a great deal of personal honor for the sake of vengeance and had to maintain his own form of shadow honor to rectify this - if only to himself.
Shillatae has a pretty laid back view of things for the most part, but I'll break it down best I can.

Orcs: Tae respects orcs for their honor and accomplishments, though she doesn't entirely understand the former. She just sees that it seems to work well for Thrall and so should be taken into consideration and emulated when she can. She's worked hard to earn the respect of the orcs and rides a trained wolf from time to time. The Frostwolves' cause was the only thing to ever motivate Tae to enter a Battleground or indeed engage in PVP at all save in defense of Horde territory.

Trolls: Tae has a deep and increasingly maternal love for her own people, the Darkspear, and awe bordering on reverence for the Zandalar. The Revantusk she gets along with passing well, but most other tribes of her own people are the special object of her greatest animosity. She spent considerably of her time, resources and spirit doing battle with Hakkar and his minions and only now feels she has recovered from the trials of that time. Still, that Jin'Do has never fallen before the Tribe gnaws at her and worries her for the future.

Tauren: Tae enjoys the company of Tauren and tries to learn words in their language, with more success than usual given her idiosyncratic means of communication. Kosath has been a close companion of hers since her arrival at Orgrimmar for the first time long ago, and since then she has learned many of the ways and beliefs of the Shu'halo, which she finds very compatible with her own. She sometimes wishes their Cenarions would train trolls in the druidic path, demonstrating her own lack of understanding of it.

Forsaken: Tae finds the Forsaken rather strange. Not human or Scourge but something else, so she tends to take them how she meets them. Because of so much time with Eveline she tends to assume that female Forsaken will be friendly and generous, and due to other personal experiences tends to think of male Forsaken as lecherous perverts. Probably due to being immortal without innate regenerative properties, she figures. She sympathizes with the Forsaken but finds Undercity "nasty."

Blood Elves: Tae's internal attitude toward elves of all kinds is extremely condescending, though not intentionally so. She sees elves as a degenerate offshoot of the trolls who were overly mutable in contact with powerful sources of magic, and the Blood Elves as the furthest down that path of mutation (save the Wretched, of course). Nonetheless, she feels they are kin and as such should be aided as best as she can when they are willing. Because of this, she's been very much eager to welcome them to the Horde.

Alliance races to follow later.
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
Orcs- Orcs are the reason the Darkspear Tribe still exists. If not for the Horde, we'd have been eliminated. However, the Orcs have a shadowed past and need us as much as we need them. They are the might of the Horde, and Sreng feels a responsibility to help them find their home and their redemption.

Trolls- Worthy of little more than a spear in the neck. Sreng makes exception for the Darkspears, but all the people and subraces of Zandali descent have brought little other than slavery and misery to the world. Their empires are broken and hopefully they'll never rise again.

Tauren- One of the few truly admirable peoples in the world. The Tauren have held to their beliefs in peace and honor and tribe over millenia, and despite war and adversity, they are stronger than ever.

Forsaken- Suspect. They ally with the Horde out of convenience, but Sreng suspects that once they're strong enough, they'll leave us behind and pursue their own agenda. The only thing that might prevent this is the return of the Scourge as a true threat, but that's a high price to pay for their continued loyalty.

Sin'dorei- Also suspect. They pursue shady ends to satisfy an addiction that by rights should have wiped them out. They possess tremendous arcane might, but their thirst for magic is such a massive liability to the Horde. Those with needs can be too easily manipulated. Of particular concern for Sreng is an allegiance between the Blood Elves and the Forsaken: Lordaeron and Quel'thalas were two of the strongest nations that stood against the Horde in the second war.

Sreng rarely concerns himself with the people of the Alliance. He doesn't understand their agendas and feels that the enmity they bear toward the Horde is foolish. He'll kill them if necessary, but really doesn't object to their continued existence. If they bring war to the rightful lands of the Horde, however, Sreng will answer with arrow and spear.
((Bump, as well as a reminder to myself to get on the ball with posting a real reply with my own reactions!))
Orcs - They live in straw huts and shun the powerful magics that made them what they are. Instead they turn to spiritual matters and nature while their enemies continue to beat down their doors. It is no small wonder they sought an alliance with the more gifted Sin'dorei - we are not afraid of power.

Trolls - I hate trolls. The Amani have beset Quel'Thallas for far too long and I have fought them the whole damnable time. Experience in Stranglethorn does very little to change the image of the trolls as anything more than bloodthirsty cannibals. The trolls of the Horde are thoughtful enough to hide their barbaric ways behind a veil of butchered Orcish.

Tauren - Who are the tauren to think they can heal away all of the world's woes? The tauren sit in their bluff city having experience nothing of the world other than their own little grazing fields and somehow find the gall to declare themselves wise? More than happy to give advice but far too wise to dirty their hands.

Forsaken - The Lady Sylvanas may have been Quel'dorei but she and her people are of our kind no longer. It is a wonder the Horde keeps these wolves in sheeps' clothing in their midst for the Forsaken do not hide their intentions to continue the work of their Scourge forbearers. I wonder how long the Lich King will allow his puppets to believe they are without strings before he starts pulling them again.

Blood Elves - The children of the blood are indeed bloodied and lost. The promised land of Outland is a wasteland and a warzone. The magic of the air that cured the addiction now assails the senses, threatening to overwhelm you in maddness. And our Saviour, Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, is the greatest madman of all. All was a lie and all effort was in vain...

Though the Horde is weak it is all I have now and I will strive to preserve it.

Humans - Traitors and betrayers all, especially the Silver Hand. Thanks to their silver tongues they lead Arthas to damnation and the destruction of all. The Scourge is the fault of the Alliance and the fall of Quel'thallas, the blood of the quel'dorei, stains their hands for it. They will pay for their betrayal.

Night Elves - Living in the ruins of greatness does not make one great. The elves of the earth are the remanant of those responsible for the Sundering and the end of the age of the elves. Now they hide in the wood no different than the animals and the millennia of knowledge and power rot beneath their paws.

I will not waste time speaking of dwarves or gnomes. Their lives are short and their actions unimportant. Let them stay in their dirt hovles in the mountains for they have yet to prove of use.

Draenei - A race of slaves. They bow their head to the first oppressor that they encounter, willingly become thralls to demons, too weak of mind to even harbor the thought of escaping. Even the 'free' draenei faun at the feet of the Naaru. Slaves all.

Naaru - Why do they tolerate my presence in Shattrath? Do they not smell the Light I have stolen from M'uru? Why are they so kind to my face? Is it spite? They must know. And if they do and do not act, does that mean they accept what has happened? Or does it mean that things happened as planned? What if we did not steal the Light but they gave it to us? We are the Silver Hand but with a different name...

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