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How did you end up here?
With all the talk of server splits and such it got me to thinking;

How did you end up with Ironsong Tribe?

So I figured we could take and share our stories of how we ended up with the greatest guild on the server (biased) and maybe give other folks an idea of where we came from.

So without further adue....

I started playing WoW about 2 weeks after release, I had played a number of other MMOs before and since, specifically and in no particulare order; Everquest (4 years!), Everquest 2, Final Fantasy 11, Asheron's Call, Guildwars, Eve-online, Star Wars Galaxies, DArk Age of Camelot, and probably a few more I can't recall.

Some friends of mine from the office here decided that they were going to play WoW when it came out, and talked me into giving it a try although I must say the "cartoony" graphics didn't appeal to me. But it was a great lot of fun playing, except for the initial server connection problems, loot locks, and lag like crazy.

Initially we started our own guild, who's name I don't recall, lol. That worked pretty well but it didn't seem to grow, then he met Bovinian, and they decided that they were going to merge into one larger guild called Crusaders of the Horde. (Incidentally in addition to Bovinian and yours truely Crusaders spawned other notable Silver Hand denivens like Exaday)

Crusaders was doing OK, then there was some drama, I don't recall what now, but the end result was we left. After that I joined a guild called Stygian Legion, which I am sure a number of you recall. The Legion was a good home, not much RP but we did a fair amount of content. Then we got the bright idea to form another guild on our own, and so was born the Blades of Sargeras.

The Blades did OK, but after a time I myself got bored, and a friend of mine talked me into going back to EQ2, so I left.

But EQ2 wasn't it, I just didn't like how the content was layed out. So I came back to WoW, and went looking for a new guild to call home. I was still interested in RP and had a run in with a young warlock named Eveline. She invited me to a guild moot, saying how it would be ever so much fun.

I attended and it was a great lot of fun, except for being fed to one of Damoxian's demons. And so Ironsong became my home, and I intend to be here for a long time. Smile

So what is your story?
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)

Having played EQ to level 20, I knew that the worst thing about MMORPG's was putting up with inane, obnoxious people. I knew I didn't want to have to deal with that, so I thought it'd be great to have a guild where my friends and I could do our thing with a minimum of irritation from all the d3wdz.

So around level 20 or so, I ran to the Ambassador in Orgrimmar and grabbed a guild charter. Figured I'd call us "The Ironsong Tribe" to indicate that we were decidedly Horde-based and all about some RP. Gathered signatures from a handful of players, most of them friends of mine IRL. Shillatae signed on the road between Sen'jin Village and Razor Hill. I flew to Mulgore to get a signature from a level 4 Tauren Warrior named Kosath. After our first run in Ragefire Chasm, I signed a lady Tauren named Akora. Rygnar also signed, but his baby sister Fleethoof took over Rynar's officer duties. I also signed up Eveline, Rawne, and a handful of others. Ironsong was born!

We grew slowly but surely. We got a big boost in membership when The Raiders of Durotar joined us, and we made their leader an honorary officer. His name was Kretol, and he was an unbelievable level 50!

I've had a great many good memories in the past two years.... Damoxian's induction from Elemental Vengeance made him our 100th member. Jadyn's plays... meeting Dispaya for the first time in Deathknell... my ill-fated attack on Goldshire with Damoxian and Molotov... the very first wipe that Shillatae, Eveline, Kosath, Fleethoof and I had on a boss (Noxxion, in Maraudon, and it barely counts because he and I killed each other simultaneously!)... Fleethoof and I ganking a paladin in Marshal's Refuge... making 60 in Silithus...

My only regret is that I've never gotten to witness a conversation between Umu and Gruunk. That would have been something to write about.
I have never played an MMORPG before. I played Ultima Online for about a day and Dark Age of Camelot for about an hour before I declared MMO's horribly tedious, boring and uninteresting.

Selerinus, Gorggrot and Krorg played around with DAoC and a long series of other MMO's while I got involved in a Neverwinter Night's persistant world. That was a blast for me, RPing and dungeoning at my own pace. The adventurers of Karloth Sch'lime became legendary and people cowered at his horrific duergar presence...

But NWN was getting dull and the server was falling apart when thre three of them came to me and said "Christian, you've got to try this MMO, we know you will love it! You can be a zombie!" Given my long standing history of playing evil characters, the chance to play as an undead was good to to give up.

Unfortunately I had no understanding of game mechanics. I played a warlock, a warrior, a rogue and a shaman. All up to 40 but all so very painfully as I had no idea what I was doing. The three of us had our own guild and goofed off a bit in game. Eventually I encountered a few members of Ironsong. They were doing quests and doing them *in character*! I was shocked since I had seen so little roleplay.

I decided then and there that I wanted to join, but not with any of my junky characters. I would level a new one to 60 and join. And so Efluvia was born - the most wicked, vile and evil character I could come up with. I remember sending her demands to Sreng, "I demand entrance to your pitiful tribe, worm! You are worthless without me."

And I've enjoyed every minute that I have ruled here. *snickers*
Well I was a young hunter first discovering Undercity when all of a sudden after i passed through the archway I saw a QUADRILLION people....all with "The Ironsong Tribe" floating above their heads....it was AMAZING....so ....I sat and listened...and then found myself kneeling and waiting to be called to introduce myself to the tribe.

Heart pounding I was finally called....I walked up the stairs....and began to introduce myself...when...all of a sudden I was rudely interupted by several alliance...where then....we all got up...and relocated to the Brill Graveyard where I continued my introduction...and voila! Mokimi of the Ironsong Tribe!!!

And glad that this is my first MMORPG ever....First RP Ever...and First Guild I have ever been a part of...and I have never regreted it.
Hmm, why not.. My first MMO was EQ. I played it till about level 14 and quit b/c it was tedious and boring. Never got into it. I was too busy playing Europa Universalis 2. My next mmo that I tried out was Shadowbane. I thought it would be cool and got it when it first came out. Sadly, that game never really got off and I quit after maybe a month or so.

Finally, I truly played my first MMO. It was Planetside. God was that game good. I played with a RL friend on the Terran Republic. Since that's a MMOFPS, a true first of its kind, it was a lot of fun. I got burned out on it though. Next was WoW.

I got WoW when it first came out and played with my old "outfit" from Planetside. We were obviously on a pvp server. I leveled a paladin to 54 before burning out on the game. I deleted the paladin and quit wow for a while. Eventually, Jaba and I decided to start new character and see how it went. Around level 40, we searched for a RP guild b/c that was kind of the point if your on a RP server. Actually, Jaba looked for one. I didn't care that much. He said Ironsong Tribe looked good. I actually wanted to try out Clan Demonsbane b/c their tabard was better. We joined Ironsong, and I've never regretted it.
Okay lets see...

I played Everquest from about the time they introduced the Scars of Velious Expansion all the way through the planes of power...

I started out on a non roleplay server and quit about 6 months into it because I just couldn't get used to all the griefers and horrible people I would find there.

I started playing again about 5 months later on a new server they had recently created called Firiona Vie. A Roleplay special rules server.

I have never looked back from MMOG's since.

I retired from EQ around the time starwars galaxies came out in open beta, and played SWG BETA/retail for about 5 months... talk about dull, boring, tedious,... then City of Heroes BETA/retail came out... but it too became boring and tedious. In all these games I have leveled up to mid range but was never able to stay involved long enough to cap out a character... Any character. I did get all of my epic quests done in EQ. I even tried EQ2 for a time but found it even more time consuming than the original.

Then I got an invitation to the Beta for World of Warcraft... why? Because I had Beta'd DIABLO 2 a very long long time ago and for some reason they sent me an email to try their new game.

I played WoW for about 4 months in beta, and then immediately rolled up a character on the Silver Hand server on Launch day once I had installed my copy of the game.

I now have a level 60 warrior and a level 60 rogue and i'm still far from being done with WoW.


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