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Holibones application
1) State your name and any titles that you have earned, through service to the Horde in battle or otherwise
My name is Holibones. I have, in the past, attained the rank of Senior Sergeant with the armies of the Horde. I look forward to battle against our enemies in the future.

2) List your vocation, be it Mage, Hunter, or any other.
I am a priest, and have studied the arts of healing for more years than I can remember.

3) Please introduce yourself to us, as much of your personal history as you feel comfortable sharing at this time.
My family was killed by the plague, I was taken in by the local church. I was trained in the healing arts, as well as the ability to draw upon holy power to attack my enemies. When the Scourge came through our village, slaying everyone, I fought them and killed many. I wanted revenge for losing my family...especially my little sister, who I cared for very much.

Eventually I ran out of energy, and fell to the ground in a pool of my enemies blood, exhausted. When a death knight approached and offered me salvation, I spit on him...it was all I could do, all the energy I had left. But I would never join their kind.

Sudden pain was all I felt next, then all was dark.

The next thing I knew I was woken up by a very agitated corpse...which I soon learned was a "Forsaken" guard. He offered me the choice of fighting once again against the Scourge, and I welcomed the choice.

Ever since I've walked among the various lands of Azeroth, seeking revenge, and assisting comrades with my healing arts.

4) Tell us about any professions you have taken up, such as Tailoring or First Aid.
I am quite a good tailor, and also good at mining. An odd mix of tradeskills I know, but we used different metals in the church and types of ore to make useful tool for medicine, church artwork, and to sell/trade.

5) What are the Clans, Tribes, or Guilds that you have been a part of in the past, if any?
There have been a few here and there, but it's been a long while since I've been adventuring. No real serious guilds, mostly small ones. But I've done much assisting in large dungeons with groups using my healing powers, as well as on the field of battle in Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch.

6) Please describe what drew your interest in joining the Ironsong Tribe, and any memorable interactions you have had with members of Ironsong.
((I've transferred here from another server, a smaller server, and I'm looking to join a bigger guild with mature people in it, that has a real sense of direction. After perusing the RP guild list on the forums your guild seems to fit that mold. You seem to really care about your guild and from what I can tell the people in it. I also like RP guilds more because it seems to keep out the immature players, and it's fun! I really would like to join a guild where people enjoy helping each other out and like to have fun with RP))

7) What is the greatest trial you have faced, either long ago, or in the recent past?
I thought my greatest trial was my fight against the Scourge. But I have come to realize that my greatest trial is curbing my desire for revenge...my anger...my hatred...keeping it at bay so I don't go completely insane.

8) What are your current goals, or some of your greatest desires, and the reasons behind them?
My current goal is to learn as much as possible about healing magic, so I can assist my brothers and sisters in our struggles in this world.

I do have one selfish goal, however...to find my sister. I know she was taken by the Scourge...but I have yet to complete my investigations.

9) What do you enjoy most in your adventures in Azeroth?
Helping my brothers and sisters to complete their quests in the world.

10) Finally, have you read our Code of Conduct, and do you agree to abide by the rules stated in it? If so, please state so here in addition to a reply to the post itself.
Yes, I have read and understood the code of conduct. I agree to it, and will abide by it wholeheartedly.

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