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History of Gruunk
Gruunk is not an ordinary Orc.

No, no.

Before Gruunk was a Hunter...

Before Gruunk tamed Grunt...

Before Gruunk liked fish...

He was a peon.

Yes, a peon.

But he was no ordinary peon.

Gruunk was a crossbreed of a peon, and an ogre.

He took after his mother's good looks, strength, and size, while retaining his father's one digit IQ.

One of the hidden Mok’Nathal left in the world; perhaps one of the last, Gruunk was no different from any other orc, except his unique heritage.

But since he was an offspring of a small measly peon father, Gruunk did not have any special strength or weakness, although he did develop a fine craving for fish, and he is extraordinarily lucky.

During his life as a peon, Gruunk worked as a lumberjack. Back and forth, back and forth, he cut down the innocent trees to construct new homes and farms for his fellow brethren. The other peons picked on Gruunk because of his speech problem, calling him various names such as “Fatheadâ€Â

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