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Highmaul Summaries
Nice short summaries of fights in Highmaul:

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Thanks, Sbin!

Looking at the imperator fight, in phase 3 when the main tank gets rooted, looks like they recommend having the off tank go 35 yards away, taunt the boss to bait the debuff, then the original tank taunts back.  This strat has been suggested before, too.  We may want to give that strategy a try as moving the whole raid has been problematic.  I think there was a question of DBM not timing the Mark of Chaos properly?  Worth investigating.

The other interesting suggestion is to AoE the little adds down while blowing healing cooldowns (rather like we blew healing cooldowns during garrosh to survive the void zone + whirlwind in flex phase 1) just to kill them faster.  Also, in the second transition, looks like kill order suggestion is to kill reaver, then a Mage, then start on second Mage, if boss emerges before it's dead AoE little adds down w healing cooldowns, then finish warmage. This may also be worth trying as leaving second warmage up in phase 4 may be a complication we don't want.


Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Congratulations!!!  That's awesome!!!

I attempted some Imperator (Normal, which we killed, and then Heroic) runs and saw several strategies for dealing with the mechanics.

For P3 Marks, Druid, Monk, or Warrior tanks would get themselves out of range via Displacer Beast, Transcendence, and Heroic Leap (respectively). For runs with only DKs or Paladins tanking, they danced the boss back and forth along the wall by the throne, which seemed to work ok. I haven't yet seen a successful tank-taunt to soak it out of range, unless they were willing to lose DPS time on the boss (which sometimes they were).

For the Brands, I saw both using hunter or hunter/mage pairs assigned to the task, and (more commonly) a do-it-yourself 4/4/7/4 thing where everyone was expected to run out at the right time (usually someone helped a bit for P2 since it needs to move a bit further than the ring otherwise allows, and someone with a quick escape tried to get it out for P3).

P4 they typically just spread out and each dealt with their own mines and such. Heavy cleave to keep the adds from getting overwhelming.

Volatiles at the transition were too much for healing CDs to keep up on if they were taken down by AE. If 4 or 5 pop at the same time, there's just no reaction time before people die, or time for Tranq to tick. Maybe a Disc Priest bubble and Devotion Aura or something might be enough since that's preventing damage, but I wouldn't count on doing that if we're planning to try using Tranqs. They inevitably had a couple DPS go help if the tanks couldn't pop some on their own.

Alternately, have the OT continue to hold them to the side, and bring 1 or 2 in regularly to be cleaved down. Similarly, because the tanks both needed to be on the Reaver for the second transition, that meant the adds were there and got cleaved down at least for the start of the transition. I think one or two people stayed on them, the rest went to Mages.

I have a few other notes about positioning, particularly initial positioning. Start further around the circle near the far wall with the ranged stack than we have been doing. This ends ends up with the P1-P2 transition happening with Mar'gok teleporting right over the ranged stack's heads, making it easy to catch up healing, and ensuring no mines between melee and Mar'gok. Continuing around the circle like we already were doing in P2, ranged should end up right where Mar'gok will teleport for the P2-P3 intermission. No problems with ranged/melee squeezing by the throne, and mines by the doors should be clear by then. Either recycle the P2 movement for P3 (less moving needed per mine, leaves one side free entirely for tank escapes if we do that), or shift over by the throne and have the entire raid move for every Mark (melee with boss and ranged in a loose group straight out or even off to the far edges rather than centered between pillars and everyone deals with their own mines, so less movement in total for ranged during DPS time between Marks). P3-P4 intermission and P4 is just a crazy mess, and I've never seen it go differently, even with a kill. Spread out some, watch yourself, use personal CDs (particularly defensive CDs if you're fixated by mages) and kill all the things without killing Volatiles too fast. Tanks try to get as far as possible from the raid to drop the Marks , preferably near a wall or corner so most of the orbs don't even go near the raid and those that do are spread out and easy to avoid.

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